Sculpture Park Announces 1st Annual Fundraiser December 2010, Supporting The Arts.

Because of the generous donations from people like you, thousands of people every year, from kids, adults, and artists alike have been able to enjoy all the beauty and inspiration that the Sculpture Trails has to offer. We couldn’t do it without you.

Online PR News – 02-December-2010 – – The mission of the Outdoor Sculpture Park is to bring Outdoor Sculpture and Art Education to the community through the Museum’s collection of over 50 Outdoor sculptures, various hands on sculpture workshops, services and programs for kids, adults and artists, locally and international.

Because of generous donations, thousands of people every year have been able to enjoy the beauty and inspiration that the Sculpture Trails has to offer.

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Sculpture Park is a 501-c3 non-profit Charitable Organization. Please help keep the Sculpture Trails open to the public with a gift of $25.00.

The fundraised money will go to maintenance of the Outdoor Sculpture Park, public liability, sculpture restoration, community workshops, media events, publications and much more.

“Our constant growth and demands have exceeded our budget. Our annual operating costs have exploded. Did you know we restore 10-15 sculptures every year? This is our first annual fundraiser. Please consider donating every year. Up until now, the only fundraiser we had was our traveling foundry. The traveling foundry has been able to put all 50 of those sculptures on cement slabs. At least 150,000 pounds of cement, 100’s of volunteer hours and much more sweat went into the cement pads alone. Never mind erecting the sculptures. This is such an exciting time for us, for our local community, local artists and international artists alike. Our growth is phenomenal. In 2010 we had 1400 students create a relief sculpture all the way from Chattanooga TN to Solsberry IN. This is just an example of how the Sculpture Trails brings art into communities. Support something positive, something fun, something creative.” Gerard Masse, Founder of Sculpture Trails.

The Sculpture Trails of Solsberry has big plans for 2011 involing a Sculpture in Public Places program which involves leasing a sculpture for home or business. A Foundry Service which is a full, iron, aluminum and bronze foundry. A Traveling Foundry which is an exciting and educational experience in the presentation of the metal casting process. Also, the Sculpture Trails will be offering a cast iron sculpture workshop 2011, which is creating a sculpture from beginner to advanced artist. In 2011, this years first Emerging Artist Program that targets young artists from surrounding Universities and invites them to show their sculpture in University Row Outdoor Exhibition.

The level of commitment will continue at the Sculpture Trails. Because of the level of passion, the commitment will continue. Passion runs through all artists, volunteers and donators. Passion for the Art is what drives our lives. It is passion that gives the Sculpture Trails crew commitment to camp in the mud, mix 14,000 pounds of cement by hand into the night, pull hundreds of stumps to carve our beautiful paths and load and unload countless truckloads of mulch, rock and wood. It is passion that fuels crew members to install new sculptures rain or shine or travel out of state on short notice to run an aluminum pour. It is all of this dedication that is charged by our passion and it is what makes the Sculpture Trails what they are today and in the future.

Sculpture Trails owners thank all people involved for the devotion, sacrifice and commitment in the continuing efforts to keep the Sculpture Trails open, and to keep the object alive.

It is realized that not everyone can or wants to camp in the mud or do the physical work, that the trails demand. But others do have the passion for Art and can support us financially. The efforts and your passion for the Arts are appreciated. donate to the sculpture park. It is tax deductible.

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