Piggy-Back Company Sticks To DyNNamite

Dynnamite name has been piggy-backed to draw searchers on Google to another website

Online PR News – 02-December-2010 – – DyNNamite®, award winning specialists in open source DNN based off-the-shelf and customised web development, have been surprised to find their name being used to draw searchers on Google to another DNN organisation. An ad for Web Wise Business, a company located in Stirling, Scotland, has been headed “DyNNamite” for no logical reason. It now takes a lead position on Google pages (through paid advertising) that are otherwise exclusively populated with genuine DyNNamite® links, including to company and social media websites.

The authentic DyNNamite® operation, viewable at www.dynnamite.co.uk, is run by MPS & BBI International Ltd, online communications and marketing specialists, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The DyNNamite® name has been registered for over four years.

Managing Director Andrew Libra comments: “Imitation is flattering but leads to confusion. It needs to be emphasised that this company, excellent as it may be, has no connection with our products or services. Many people see piggy-backing as a trivial issue, but often it is done to gain business at the expense of trademark owners who have built a valuable reputation which other people then exploit for their own gain – it is called ‘passing-off’ in legal terms. This type of behaviour can also irritate Internet users, which in the end is counterproductive for everyone.”

Interflora has recently launched a European legal challenge against Marks & Spencer for purportedly using its name in its online ad search terms to promote its own flower retail business. In this case, M&S has been alleged to be promoting its flower business in direct competition to Interflora.