eToro Forums Opens Local Language Forums and an Elite Traders’ Lounge for VIPs

After proving a tremendous success with all eToro traders looking to discuss forex trading, eToro’s forex forum opens up multilingual forums for non-English speakers and a VIP lounge for eToro’s top traders.

Online PR News – 10-October-2009 – – A large portion of eToro’s traders spends time in the eToro forums for a number of reasons. For eToro’s large novice user base, this is a tremendous archive of forex knowledge, tips and strategy, commented on by eToro’s expert administrators as well as by their fellow traders. There is no better place for a novice to learn the forex know how that he can’t find at any forex guide or forex course, because the issues that traders discuss in the forums all come from practical experience rather than just theoretical ponderings. It is also easier for traders to understand each other’s common language rather than the formal financial lingo that is often used in the aforementioned guides and courses. For experienced traders this is the place to discuss the current events of the forex market and get a reading on trader sentiment which is known to have a significant effect on the movement of the market itself.

eToro has already recognized that the majority of their forex traders are not native English speakers, which is reflected in the availability of the eToro platform and WebTrader in over ten different languages, with full multilingual support. Now eToro applies its multilingual approach to its forex forums, seeing as it is an extremely useful informational tool which has so far been difficult to use for non-English speakers who use the eToro platform. Traders could always post in the language of their choice, but now all the posts in the different languages are collated in one easily accessible forum branch to make it more user-friendly. Moreover, each language’s forum branch has its own expert administrator in that branch’s language to answer outstanding question and regulate forum activity.

In addition eToro Forums has also launched the Elite Traders Lounge for eToro’s VIP and Gold Account holders only. This forum enables more professional traders to discuss advanced forex trading issues instead of having to browse through novice posts. The division seems natural since professional traders have no interest in beginner topics, while beginner traders wouldn’t be able to understand professional issues and may even find them confusing or misleading. At the end of the day, all traders are welcome to post and comment in the general eToro forum thus making the separations by language or trading skill level entirely optional. By adding these additional options eToro’s forex forum makes sure that even more eToro traders can enjoy a productive and informative discussion of all things forex.