The Bible has a gap - Where did Jesus go for Three Days? - new eBook follows his journey

For the Three Days between the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ the Bible devotes one solitary and cryptic sentence - now a new eBook said to be in the words of the Holy Spirit explains what happened to Jesus during those Three Days.

Online PR News – 02-December-2010 – – December 1, 2010 --- There is a real gap in the Bible - the three days after Jesus was taken down from the Cross, and before his Resurrection. Internet publisher and distributor Smashwords has released the new eBook 'Three Days' by the author Paraclete, (the ancient name for the Holy Spirit), which explains what happened to Jesus Christ during those Three Days.

Accepted scripture has Jesus rising from the dead on the third day - this story says otherwise, and instead finds Jesus rising shortly after being taken down from the Cross.

The reader follows the movements of Jesus over the next three days, where Jesus we learn spent most of his time in the company of Hassatan - or Satan as we commonly know him today - Heaven's Chief Adversary before he was later cast from Heaven. The reader discovers Satan was Mankind's greatest champion, and of how all was not good in Heaven at that time. A story told by the Holy Spirit (Paraclete) in her words.

For a limited time (until December 25, 2010) an electronic book version of "Three Days", normally priced at $9.99, will be available to the public as a free download at Smashwords at - just enter the following coupon code at check-out: DP77Z.

This story tells for the first time in history what the Bible has never revealed - what Jesus Christ did between his death and his resurrection - a compelling and long awaited description by the Holy Spirit that brings a sense of completeness to the New Testament.

This important piece of writing has been published and distributed by Smashwords who has distribution relationships with leading online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony, and leading mobile ereading apps such as Stanza, Kobo, Aldiko, FBReader and WordPlayer, spanning all major mobile platforms including Android and iPhone. Smashwords is based in Los Gatos, California, and can be reached on the web at

Julian Gillespie