Fontana Forni USA Announces Expansion into Canada

Fontana Forni USA is the North American distributor of Italian-made wood-fired ovens and grills.

Online PR News – 28-February-2017 – Florence, SC – Fontana Forni USA, the North American distributor of the finest Italian-made wood-fire ovens, is pleased to announce that they are expanding their distributorship into Canada. With the expansion, Canadian wholesale and retail customers will have the opportunity to purchase ovens directly from Canadian dealers.

As a trusted and reputable name in the world of superior crafted ovens, Fontana is committed to bringing the same level of fine workmanship to its neighbors north of the border. Just like American customers, our Canadian neighbors will have a large variety of ovens and grills to choose from to meet their specific needs.

Customers can choose among a vast array of Italian wood-fired pizza ovens in various styles, colors, sizes and materials. The company offers portable and built-in, as well as single and dual chamber styles. Some of the most popular brands are The Mangiafuoco Wood Oven, The Margherita Wood Oven and The Marinara Wood Oven. Regardless of which oven a customer chooses, each is designed to cook pizza perfectly year after year.

Fontana Forni also offers oven accessories, including grill and oven brushes, cleaning kits, scrapers, dough cutters, oven covers, accessory kits and more. Customers can depend on Fontana for the right supplies during every step of the pizza making process.

For more information about their expansion into Canada, visit their website at Fontana Forni USA or call 843-667-9101.

About Fontana Forni USA : Fontana Forni USA is the North American distributor of Italian-made wood-fired ovens and grills. Fontana Forni, located in Italy, has pioneered the wood-fired oven and grill with superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials and years of experience. Each oven is designed to produce the best pizza possible. The company produces a diverse selection of ovens to meet virtually any need, in addition to a large assortment of accessories. We are proud to be the North American distributor for the only wood-fired oven on the market today that combines fine old-world Italian craftsmanship with the best that modern technology can offer in convenience and refinement.