The Colchester Wine Company Opens Its Corporate Gifts Service in Good Time

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Online PR News – 03-December-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Christmas is coming – and the Colchester Wine Company is here to help

Colchester, United Kingdom, November 25th, 2010 – The Colchester Wine Company is stepping into the business breach this Christmas with the unveiling of its rather wonderful corporate gifts service. The company is undertaking to do the Christmas shopping on behalf of its corporate clients – sticking strictly to a budget and brief about numbers of recipients, style of gift and so on, but doing all the hard work on behalf of those companies that wish to give wine related gifts this year.

Christmas is naturally the time when companies do more gift shopping than at any other time of year. There are clients to keep happy, staff members to reward and board room parties to attend. Actually buying all those gifts can be a long and annoying process, with budgets often spiralling out of control. Thanks to the Colchester Wine Company and its corporate gifts service, all of that is definitely a thing of the past. Clients simply tell the Company how much they are willing to spend, how many people the gifts are for, and what special instructions go with the order brief (like, for example, keeping every gift identical – or having different sorts of gifts for different people).

Christmas is not the only occasion for corporate wine buying, of course: there are retirements to consider, and other special occasions (anniversaries, client or employee weddings and so on). The Colchester Wine Company is able to use its extensive knowledge and contacts to source the most delightful wine related gifts for any kind of occasion – again working to a budget supplied by its corporate client. Corporate gifts need be a struggle no more – which means internal employees, can get on with something productive while the Colchester Wine Company finds the ideal gift for every company occasion.

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