Stage IIIB Lung Cancer Patient Starts Natural Health Business to Help Others; Free eBook to First 500

Founder of Best Natural Health Cures, Bobby L. Beaulieu, Sr. C. Ht, has announced its grand opening and is celebrating the beginning of this free website with the offer of a free book to the first visitors to the website who register. This website provides its visitors with the information they need to break away from conventional medicine and its harsh prescription drugs in favor of more natural yet highly effective treatments.

Online PR News – 07-December-2010 – – 11/30/2010– Austin, TX – Best Natural Health Cures announced the grand opening of its free website today, where site users can obtain free information relating to the best known natural health cures for many of the most common health concerns. Furthermore, a free book is being offered to the first 500 members to register at the website. Registration is simple and also provides new members to the site with a useful download link for 12 medical breakthroughs for natural treatments.

Increasingly, people are using the internet in order to obtain information for making informed decisions regarding their medical choices and treatments. Though Western medicine has leaned heavily toward prescription drugs and chemicals over the past few decades, a growing percentage of the population is hesitant to choose prescription medications due to their many unpleasant side effects and the lack of long-term knowledge regarding the safety and impact of their use.

The Best Natural Health Cures website provides these individuals with an alternative to those prescriptions that have become the automatically accepted solution, even though safer treatment options are readily available. This website offers a way for site users to treat their common health issues – such as high blood pressure, acid reflux, or even depression – with natural, effective methods. This website is not intended to replace the benefits of a licensed doctor, but is instead meant to inform its users about more natural prospective treatments that may be discussed with a doctor and potentially applied for more desirable results.

The Best Natural Health Cures website was founded by Bobby L. Beaulieu, Sr. C. Ht. This Certified Hypnotherapist has designed the site to offer everyday people a way to maximize their potential through the building of their own inner strengths. His experience has shown him that far too many people are losing hope for achieving a cure for their conditions outside of conventional medicine which is often harsh or not fully effective. This website reflects Beaulieu’s full firsthand knowledge of natural cures that can provide alternative choices using combinations of homeopathy, herbs, and other natural methods.

For more information about the grand opening of the Best Natural Health Cures website or about the information it provides, please visit the site at, or contact Bobby L. Beaulieu, Sr. C. Ht. at The site is completely free to use and offers a free book to its visitors as a celebration of its grand opening.

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