Releases Curtains Banner Web Control - Silverlight 4.0
12/01/2010 announces the release of its Curtains Banner web control, an XML-driven web control written in Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.

Online PR News – 01-December-2010 – – is proud to announce the release of its Curtains Banner web control. The Curtains Banner Silverlight web control displays a series of mulitple, captioned images.

The transition between images involves a curtain-effect where the curtain image is divided in half and the halves approach from the left and right (like curtains). The slideshow image and caption are updated when the curtain is closed. The curtain is then opened to reveal the new image. Images are rotated a non-stop loop.

The control can display any number of images. You must specify a single image to act as the curtain. This is a Silverlight 4 control.

This control can be customized by modifying the control's XML. The following customizations are available:

Width: The width of the control in pixels.
Height: The height of the control in pixels.
Background Color: The background color of the control.
Border Color: The border color of the control.
Border Width: The width of the border in pixels.
Size Mode: This should be set to Fill.
Slide Duration: The number of seconds each image will be displayed.
Curtain Image URL: The url of the curtain image.
Image URLs: The urls of the images.
Image Captions: The captions for the images. offers free Silverlight web controls that can be added to any web page quickly and easily. You can use our hosted web controls, or download them and host them yourself. All you have to do is:

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