Free Practice CLEP Test From CollegePlus—CLEP Microeconomics

CollegePlus! is pleased to offer college students and high school students earning dual credit a free practice CLEP practice test for CLEP Microeconomics.

Online PR News – 01-December-2010 – – San Antonio, Texas—For students earning college credit through CLEP, CollegePlus! has created a new free practice CLEP test for the CLEP Microeconomics test.

High school students earning dual credit through CLEP are also welcome to take the free CLEP Microeconomics practice test from CollegePlus!

The CollegePlus! free practice test for CLEP Microeconomics is here:

Students can utilize the free CollegePlus! CLEP Microeconomics practice test as part of their preparation to take the College Board’s CLEP Microeconomics test. The CLEP Microeconomics test is worth 3 accredited college credits. The College Board’s CLEP Microeconomics test covers subject matter that is taught during a semester of introductory Microeconomics.

Students who are cost-conscious or want to avoid spending needless time in a college classroom will appreciate the benefits of using the CLEP Microeconomics test to earn college credit.

With the CLEP Microeconomics test costing about $26 per-credit-hour, it makes economical sense for students who want to reap the benefits of higher education but demand an alternative to the academic inflation so prevalent in the traditional brick-and-mortar college system.

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In the past 11 months, 44,237 free practice CLEP tests from CollegePlus! have been taken by college students and students earning dual credit. The free CLEP Spanish practice test is the most popular test taken by students—

Students can access all of the CollegePlus! free practice CLEP tests here:

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