ALUUnionNetwork, New Free Information Resource Center and Referral Network for Unions & Union Members
12/03/2010 is a free service for all unions and union members. Unions can increase their web presence and raise awareness for membership growth while union members have free access to discounts offered exclusively to union members and their families through American Laborers United.

Online PR News – 03-December-2010 – – American Labors United announces the release of a free online information center and referral network.

American Laborers United (ALU) is a free online information resource center and referral network, and as such exists to serve its loyal community by providing the most current union information and news which is updated minute by minute, 24/7. Union members, government employed (city, county, municipal, etc.) and all their family and friends also have the ability to come to the ALU site ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> to get updates on strikes, boycotts, apprenticeship programs and union news, in one convenient location while making their visit an informative and pleasant experience. ALU partners with proven, experienced service providers who offer special savings and discounts to all ALU visitors.

ALU is a one-stop portal for the most up-to-the-minute Union information available. We compile information from dozens of resources, both local and national. Unions and Union Members will be able to quickly access the information that is most important to them, all in one convenient location online, at no cost.

Union members and their families will receive discounted services and incentives from hundreds of Union-friendly local businesses, from auto repair, restaurants, real estate, financial services, pet care and attorneys to carpets and flooring, and more. ALU will also showcase on our website local merchants who will provide additional special offers and daily discounts to Union members and their families, above and beyond the standard discounts already available.
Union members have a choice of preferred service providers. ALU partners with up to four (4) local merchants in each of our service categories. Not only does this allow Union members and their families the ability to choose from a variety of providers, it also enables ALU to effectively manage our provider list to ensure they offer the best possible services and rates.

Current and Retired Union members are automatically eligible for services and discounts offered through ALU. All family members (i.e., spouses, children, parents) and even friends of current and retired Union members are also eligible for these benefits.

There is no membership required. ALU is a free resource for Union members and their families, and as such there is no separate sign-up or enrollment, and no there are no fees to access the service. To receive discounted services from ALU preferred merchants, simply let your chosen merchant know that you heard about them from ALU (in some cases, the merchant may request to see your Union card or ask for your Union number).

Commitment to Quality. ALU and our featured merchants are dedicated to providing Union members with the best quality services available. Union members have a voice with ALU – if at any time a Union member or a family member or friend is dissatisfied with service received from an ALU preferred merchant, ALU offers a toll-free number to express their concerns. ALU will remove from our network ANY service provider who does not resolve outstanding concerns within 30 days.

ALU's focus is on strengthening the local community. Most union members live in the same communities they work in, and, naturally, they want their community to improve (i.e., maintain roads, better schools, etc.). By introducing unions to local service providers, these businesses will in turn pay taxes into the infrastructure of the local economy.

Peter O. Smith, Owner of ALU states we are “Creating relationships to build a stronger community for tomorrow”.

American Laborers United, LLC was founded by union advocate and former union member, Peter O Smith Jr. in 2009 as a free information resource center for union employed and their families. Smith's family owned and operated the H. Platt Co., which was incorporated in the Commonwealth of PA in 1925. The company was associated with organized labor from the beginning. Management realized the need and the advantages of being associated with the building trade unions. Some of these advantages; a well trained, specialized workforce through apprentice programs (most 4 to 5 years), a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, a large pool of workers to fill the needs of the company, benefits for the members (ie health care, pensions, etc.), and safety and other misc. ongoing training programs to keep up with the technology of the industry. As far as personal involvement with the unions: The Smith's served on various boards and/or committees; pension, apprentice, labor relations, education and safety, and also chaired the labor negotiation committee for approximately 25 years, leading the contract negotiations for most all the unions associated with the construction industry.

ALU was founded on the philosophy of providing free news and information about strikes, boycotts, apprenticeship programs and other union resources, to all union members. Also with the idea that union members and their families would have the ability to find hundreds if not thousands of businesses in their local area, who would offer them special savings and discounts. With an extensive background in marketing, Smith was dedicated to leveling the playing field, allowing local and national businesses to advertise on line, knowing that as advertising shifts from traditional venues to union member outlets, the company would be steadfast in the commitment that every sponsor has access to this growing, hard working customer base.

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