Successful Norwalk, CT cedar roof preservation company celebrates booming business at their 1st year anniversary!

Online PR News – 01-December-2010 – – Norwalk, CT - Cedar-Life, a unique cedar roof restoration and preservation company based in Norwalk, is proud to announce that at their one-year anniversary sales have doubled. Scott Teed, owner of Landmark Exteriors, one of the largest high-end roofing companies in Fairfield and Westchester counties, purchased Cedar-Life in 2009 because he felt so strongly about the quality of its product. Today, he knows he made the right decision.

“We bought Cedar-Life at the height of the recession and it was a scary decision,” he says. “But I couldn’t resist taking over the company and working with this product. I wanted to offer it to my clients as well as the 4,000 plus cedar roofs in Fairfield County. We’ve doubled our sales and expanded the business between last year and this year.”

The core of the company’s success rests with their proprietary restorative/ preservative product made exclusively for cedar roofs from a unique blend of paraffin oil and polymers. Originally developed by Texas A&M University for the cedar buildings in US national parks, the product works so well it can extend the life of a cedar roof by 5 years with just one application, and with continued maintenance double its life expectancy, according to Teed.

“Compared to any of the products on the market our combination of paraffin and polymer prevents mildew growth, protects from UV light and provides the best conditions for protecting cedar roofing and siding,” says Teed. He explains that cedar roofs should last anywhere from 20-30 years but without proper maintenance will only last about 15.

Cedar Life is unique for both their focus – washing and preserving cedar roofs - and their expertise.
“We are not painters – our focus is preserving cedar roofs,” says Teed. “We’re the only cedar roof maintenance company that does just that, every day, all day long.”

According to Teed many businesses believe they can wash and preserve roofs but without the right equipment, skills or materials end up causing more damage. Examples include damage to shingles due to excessive pressure from power washing and spraying on inferior products.

“Landmark Exteriors replaced five roofs in just the last year which were so damaged from improper washing that there was no choice but to replace the entire roof.”

In today’s economy Teed sees more people than ever looking to maintain what they have and he notes that Cedar-Life is affordable whether you have a shed or a high-end residential home.

“Wouldn’t you rather spend less on proper maintenance than face the enormous cost to replace the entire roof?” he asks.

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