HP Group SEO Team Soldier In Despite The Weather

Extreme weather conditions are no match for the determined SEO team at HP Group

Online PR News – 30-November-2010 – – It doesn’t usually take more than a few flakes of snow to bring the country to its knees; public transport grinds to a halt, people don’t want to risk the journey in case the roads get worse, but the HP Group SEO team would not be defeated by today’s weather conditions and the vast majority of people are in the office. One SEO Account Manager, Tobias Bowman even completed his two mile journey to work on foot to get into the Colchester office on time.

Other staff members braved the weather from as far afield as Halsted and Frinton and at the time of writing, the snow shows no sign of stopping. It’s this kind of dedication that sets the HP Group SEO teams apart from the competition; during last year’s heavy snow fall, much of the team made it in as well and work continued uninterrupted for all of the company’s clients.

These last few months have certainly proved that nothing will overcome the dedication the HP Group SEO teams have to providing their clients with the best possible results. From the rebrand to the challenging relocation to the adverse weather, it seems that nothing can deter these dedicated employees from meeting and exceeding the goals of their clients. With a twinkle, or was it a snowflake in his eye – the intrepid Bowman commented on his commitment by saying “It takes more than a snow storm to stop me delivering return on investment for my clients.” reflecting the subtle balance of humour and dedication inherent to the office.

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