7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Landscape Designer

Minneapolis landscaping services firm, Lee’s Landscaping and Design, gives advice on why spending a little money on a landscape designer will save you big money in the long run.

Online PR News – 18-April-2009 – – MINNEAPOLIS, MN ( OnlineNews ) April 17, 2009 – Minneapolis landscape design(http://leeslandscapes.com) firm, Lee’s Landscaping and Design, offers seven reasons on why hiring a landscape designer(http://leeslandscapes.com/general-landscaping/landscapedesign) will save you headaches and money.

1. A project can often seem overwhelming. You see your landscape everyday, you know that there is something wrong but don’t know how to address it. You see the plants and turf struggling, you know there is a low spot where all the water pools, yet how do you fix it? That is where a landscape designer comes in. We can look at all the problem areas in your space and come up with a plan that addresses them as a whole, not just a band-aid that covers them up for awhile. We can help to create a plan that not only fixes most landscape problems but enhances your space to be functional and beautiful. We take the time to discuss with you your goals, likes, dislikes, and concerns for your landscape.

2. Materials can be a challenge. There is an abundance of styles, colors, and specific applications one needs to understand when choosing hardscape materials. A landscape designer can help in this process. We can choose materials that will specifically work in any given scenario they would be needed. A designer can also choose colors and combinations of materials that will work well together and have a more unified, pleasing look.

3. Plant material can also be a challenge for most homeowners. There are so many plants to choose from and each has specific light, soil, and water requirements. Not to mention each plant has its own growth pattern to take into account. How many times have you been to a nursery or home improvement store and bought a plant that wound up being to large for the space? Hiring a landscape designer can help you choose the right plants for your space. We have extensive working knowledge of plant material. We can assess your landscape and effectively determine which plants would be best suited for your landscape needs. Landscape designers also have the knowledge to combine plant material and hardscapes to create a beautiful more natural looking landscape.

4. Planning is the most crucial stage of any landscape project. There are often many different elements and factors that come into play when creating a new landscape. If your project is a small entry way enhancement or a large pond installation, designers can help facilitate all the planning effectively. It starts with precise measurements of the space and determining which materials will produce the look and feel the client desires. It then moves into planning materials, plants, calculating material needs, ordering, and installing. Not to mention that we have expert installers that help make the design a reality in an efficient amount of time, allowing homeowners to enjoy there new space sooner. A good plan helps the customer know exactly what they are getting and exactly what they are paying for.

5. Budgets and estimates. Many homeowners can feel overwhelmed with the size and scope of landscape projects especially financially. Typically a homeowner will have a set budget in mind for a specific landscape project. If a proper plan is not in place too often that budget is exceeded. A landscape designer discusses all aspects of the landscape project with the homeowner. They discuss goals, materials, layout, unique features such as fountains, and budget. A designer can help accomplish your landscape goals and devise a plan that fits into your budget. An estimate is generated from that plan and it allows everyone to see what exactly is being done, where it is being done, and how much it costs.

6. Installation. I know many homeowners that tried to tackle a landscape project over a nice summer weekend and realized by Saturday afternoon that the job is too big for or people. Landscaping is hard work physically and mentally. Without the correct knowledge of how certain elements work you can get yourself into trouble fast. We have expert installation crews with years of experience in landscape installation. They can easily come in to a space and finish a project in a timely manner taking care to do the job correctly. Hardscapes take a lot of skill and precision to install so that they last over time, especially in a Minnesota climate where we have freeze/thaw to contend with. Landscape designers work directly with the installation crew to make sure that all of the elements from the design plan are carried out. The designer is available throughout the entire process to answer questions from the homeowner and installation crew to avoid costly errors and second guessing. I believe that a landscape designer is only as good as their crew; with a crew of experts behind them they can create anything.

7. Aftercare. After the landscape project is completed questions can still remain. A landscape designer will walk you through all the elements of your new space and discuss any issues relating to maintenance, special functions, and plant care. Landscapes grow and change over time, your designer will be there to answer any questions you may have in the future about your project.

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