The Slogan Shop Announces an EBook on Slogans

The Slogan Shop announces a low priced downloadable eBook on slogans. The eBook contains a variety of information on the art of slogans.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – FLORIDA, Miami (November 2010) – The Slogan Shop announces a low priced downloadable eBook on slogans. The eBook contains a variety of information on the art of slogans.

Sloganology is an eBook offered for a surprisingly low price of $3.49 from The Slogan Shop. This price authorizes the customer to begin the download process of the eBook.

Sloganology is a book which provides a complete analysis on the world of slogans. It is a 71 page book which includes a great deal of important information about slogans beginning with an introduction. This part of the book details the basic fundamental concept of what a slogan is and why and how they are used.

The eBook continues into another realm which includes a definition of a slogan. Understanding a slogan makes the remainder of the book much more comprehendible. It is important to have an understanding of what a slogan is prior to attempting to understand the artistic application of the slogan.

A third section is a fairly sizable section which contains over 20 pages. This section details the art and science of using advertising slogans. This section is predominantly focused on marketing a particular product or service and how to best select effective slogans.

Sloganology next provides examples of successful slogans from over 500 various companies. Examining these examples allows the reader to attempt to analyze the creation of a slogan to the success a company experiences using that slogan. The slogans included in this section are some of the most famous company slogans.

The remainder of the book includes slogan examples from around the world. The eBook details tourism slogans in the US and International sites as well. The US tourism slogans are broken down by cities and states.

Sloganology would not be complete without including famous presidential election slogans. These slogans include some of the most popular slogans used in a presidential election. Some slogans were popular, but did not always help a president win an election.

Sloganology was written by the founder of The Slogan Shop, Stephen Conley. His international experience in branding and advertising provides him with the knowledge on how to use and create slogans successfully.

The Slogan Shop announces an eBook, Sloganology, which focuses on the creation and development of slogans. The book is offered at a low price which can be downloaded immediately upon payment completion. This is beneficial for people who desire to get a hold of pertinent information regarding slogans.

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