Deister Patrol Systems with Multiple Features

Canadian Time Systems has come up with its advanced Deister Patrol Systems equipped with multiple features in Colorado, US.

Online PR News – 06-December-2010 – – In order to protect staff and save money, Canadian Time Systems has come forward with its latest security guard tour system known as Deister Patrol System.

Canadian Time Systems is one of the leading Colorado-based company which is known for offering facility management solutions for innumerable clients all over Colorado, US. Almost all major sectors starting from government, healthcare, service, institutional, retail, commercial, hospitality to manufacturing are deriving benefits from the high quality products of Canadian Time Systems.

Some of the major benefits offered by Deister Patrol System launched by CTS are:

Protection of staff and money
This is one of the major benefits of the Deister Patrol System. It plays a vital role in protecting employees as well as saving money.

Provides better control
Apart from protecting staff and saving money, it also provides better control.

Proper management
The Deister system introduced by CTS assists businesses in proper management, maintenance and verification of security rounds, inspections and asset control as well as workers performance.

Eliminates the risk of false data entry
This is another important benefit of Deister Patrol System. It comprises of a scan test feature. Presence of this feature saves businesses from the fear of false data entry.

Time saving system
The system generates management reports within a short time-period thus saving hours of precious time.

Thus, Deister Patrol System is helping individuals all over Colorado, US in a number of ways.