Businesses For Sales Announces Launch of Website, New Model for Selling a Business

Business owners are commonly announcing that their small business is for sale, but they are having a difficult time selling their business, but this is all about to change.

Online PR News – 10-October-2009 – – businesses for sales Announces Launch Of Website, New Model For Selling A Business

Los Angeles, California September 14, 2009 - Company Announces Kickoff Of Site To Assist Business Owners And Buyers Work Together, Close The Deal

Many business owners eventually decide to announce that they're moving on to bigger and better things, hang out the figurative (or sometimes literal) 'small business for sale' sign and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the past year has been a difficult time for selling a business and many owners with a business for sale which they had assumed would be sold quickly find themselves still at the helm of these companies.

It's largely the effect of the global economic upheaval of the past couple of years; neither prospective buyers nor financial institutions are as keen to take risks as they once were, even with what seem like sound investments with a healthy return. At the same time, the eagerness of many owners to put up their business for sale means that there are some golden opportunities available for buyers who know where to look.

Of course, no investment is guaranteed to be a winner, but there are plenty of business owners out there who have excellent companies to sell and no interested buyers, as Businesses For Sales' Peter Watson explains:

"We're aware that this is both an exciting time in terms of investment opportunities in small business and a very difficult time in terms of consumer confidence and obtaining financing though traditional channels - that's why we started What we're doing, essentially is placing this transaction into the right hands - those of the business owner and buyer, perhaps a broker as well if they choose to hire one."

"We want to provide people with a business for sale and buyers an easy, user-friendly means of getting in touch and doing business. Selling a business - or buying one, for that matter doesn't have to be half as much trouble as it often seems to be. We're helping buyers connect with people who have a small business for sale or really any size of business for sale - all in a framework which takes the stress and a lot of the work out of the process of buying and selling. It's amazing no one thought of it before, really."

Watson and Businesses For Sales seem to have hit on an idea a lot of people were waiting for. Even though the site has just been launched, the company has seen an enormous amount of interest - is this the beginning of a new business paradigm? It's too early to say yet - but this is one company to watch over the next few years.

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