Governors’ Global Climate Summit 2 Showcases OET’s Green Solutions for Toxic Waters, Industrial Odors & Year-round Indoor Composting

Carbon friendly green solutions proven to clean up toxic waters, neutralize industrial odors and divert harmful waste from landfills through urban composting were showcased by Organic Environmental Technology at the Governors’ Global Climate Summit 2 hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Online PR News – 09-October-2009 – – Lake View Terrace, CA – Organic Environmental Technology’s ( carbon friendly green solutions proven to clean Toxic Waters, neutralize industrial odors and divert harmful waste from landfills with its municipal compost rebate program were showcased at the Governors’ Global Climate Summit 2 hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (

The Summit’s Green Solutions Showcase ( provided the distinguished national and global attendees an opportunity to learn about California’s leading carbon friendly green solutions they could take back and implement in their own States, Provinces and Regions. Organic Environmental Technology (OET) showcased its carbon friendly probiotic solutions proven to clean up pathogens such as E.coli from lakes and coastal waterways, neutralize odors from rotting organic matter and turn household waste - that would otherwise putrefy in landfills - into rich compost for home and community gardens.

“Probiotic means for life; as opposed to antibiotic.” explained Gil Schrock, Founder of Organic Environmental Technology. “Most people know that yogurt has live probiotic cultures in it that our bodies need. In contrast antibiotics kill the infections but also deplete our intestinal tract of the healthy bacteria. Yogurt has been found to replenish the healthy bacteria. On an environmental scale, the overuse of chemicals has depleted the population of beneficial probiotic bacteria essential to life leaving the pathogenic bacteria largely unchecked and thus able to infect wide areas.”

Schrock continues, “Yogurt contains a couple of probiotic cultures; our probiotic technology harnesses around sixteen diverse probiotic cultures. These cultures work along with other natural components in a symbiotic self protecting manner. These are not grown in a lab, but are rather, naturally occurring species gathered from the earth, propagated and re-introduced as basic enriching building blocks of life to the environment. In other words, to bring the environment back into a healthy balanced state.

“These microscopic but powerful microbes eat the toxins and emit beneficial nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and anti-oxidants. Odors as we perceive them are really oxidizing organic particles. The anti-oxidants emitted from our probiotic cancels the odor on contact. The largest landfill in America uses our odor control instead of chemical perfumes.
“Odorless indoor composting is made possible year round as this probiotic solution can work with or without air. Municipalities can save millions of dollars over time diverting food waste from landfills by implementing a rebate program with our Magic Composter ( that creates wonderful natural fertilizer.

“Our probiotic solution brought the counts of E. coli, Enterococcus and Total Coliforms within safe limits in a public lake on our most recent project. This technology works either in fresh water, brackish water or salt water.
“We are delighted to have been a part of this historical summit and are encouraged by the leadership role our Governor is taking.”

Organic Environmental Technology’s probiotic solutions are made in America and manufactured in their Lake View Terrace facilities.

About Organic Environmental Technology:
Organic Environmental Technology is a privately owned California Corporation and is a registered California Small Business located in Lake View Terrace California.

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