Newcomer Announces December 1 Launch, Aims to Be Best Penny Auction Site

Retail and marketing experts who envisioned are pleased to announce that the December 1 launch date is a definite go, and that they have put together a program to ensure the integrity of their service.

Online PR News – 29-November-2010 – – Seasoned penny auction participants rave about the products and the prices that they have been able to secure on penny auction sites. On Monday, December 1, they will have more to rave about as a highly anticipated penny auction site will be joining the industry. Veteran retail and marketing partners will open the doors to, providing yet another forum for value hunters to call their own.

Understandably, novices to penny auctions have been looking at penny auction sites with a bit of skepticism, given what has transpired in recent months. Thankfully, the government agencies have been adroit in its pursuit of unscrupulous operators, and shady penny auction sites have been taken off line. The industry itself is trying to promote an air of confidence, and they are doing their part to restore their credibility in the eyes of prospective as well as seasoned penny auction participants.

The products that one can find from a traditional online auction or an online store are representative of what one could expect to find in a penny auction. The difference is in the approach, and the potential for massive savings. The approach is not only action packed but also tailored to eliminate tire kickers and those who would, out of mischief, drive up auction prices just because they can and face no repercussion for doing so. In a penny auction, a bid costs credits taken from bid packs, so any bid is certified to be a legitimate bid, and of course, competition to be dealt with.

The savings are perhaps what drive most penny auction participants into the bidding action. With each bid, a participant will alter the take home price, and extend the bid end time to give others an opportunity to answer. Sniping, a technique loathed in the traditional online auction marketplace, will not work in penny auctions because the act of placing a bid extends the bidding end time. Last second bids are a thing of the past. Despite the fast and furious action taking place during penny auctions, the results are tangible and the savings substantial. Often, highly prized items, particularly electronic products are won at a total take home price that is much better than any special offer available elsewhere.

“We are nearing our launch date, and the anticipation has been mounting ever since we announced that we were going live. The participation in our pre launch festivities has been overwhelming to say the least, and we look forward to a successful opening, as we strive to provide all the requisite services in our quest to be the best penny auction site,” states Peter Lessard of

About: promises to be one of the largest penny auction sites in North America. The site is poised to launch on December 1, 2010, and when it opens its doors, it will auction off loads of coveted products including, but not limited to electronic equipment, televisions, computers as well as household items and gift cards.

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