Health Specialist Unveils New Fitness Routines to Help People Stay Healthy

Health and Fitness specialist Rachel Samuels is working diligently to help people understand the benefits of proper nutrition and whole body workout in their quest to lose belly fat.

Online PR News – 30-November-2010 – – Rachel Samuels recently launched a new blog,, in an effort to demystify the concept of losing weight, particularly as it relates to an individual’s midsection, where excessive fat may portend profound health risks down the road. Studies have shown that waist circumference, rather than body mass index, is a better predictor of metabolic syndrome, a condition that results in an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In her blog, Rachel tackles the commonly held notion that cardio must be front and center in any effort to lose weight, and proposes instead that a properly aligned effort consisting of proper nutrition and fitness routines involving the whole body is a more effective approach.

A waist-hip ratio of 0.9 or higher among men and 0.85 or higher among women is a tell tale sign of central obesity. Through her blog,, Rachel is spreading the word that people who possess a pear shaped figure need not accept that shape as something permanent. Overweight and obese people face discrimination in social settings as well as in the workplace. Obese people may be stigmatized as lazy and lacking self-discipline. A relatively recent Western Michigan University study showed that obese females earned about six percent less than non-obese employees that performed the same type of work.

Rachel urges her readers to take action to reduce belly fat and get it to manageable levels. She is an ardent supporter of proper nutrition and whole body weight training, and does not believe solely in cardio for weight loss. Rachel advises her readers to dedicate the requisite time and effort because in the end, nothing could be more important than reducing health risks. Of course, developing a six pack through the journey to fitness is an awesome benefit, and who wouldn’t want that? Rachel reveals it all – fat loss secrets to help maintain a lean stomach and build six-pack abs – in her blog.

In addition, Rachel is also offering information that many in the fitness industry use to help their clients achieve and maintain a healthy, lean body. The information is presented in a report called "Insider Secrets For A Lean Body" and this report is available to anyone who visits Rachel’s blog. The report is electronic and will be delivered by email. The report is free and contains invaluable tips for those serious about changing their lifestyle and staying in shape.

"Obesity is a medical illness that can be treated in many cases. People can engage medical professionals to help them with their condition, but ultimately, they have to face the fact that nothing short of a lifestyle change will ensure a sustainable change in their body profile. In my blog, I address the issue of excess weight head on, and I don’t stop there. I show my readers how they can make the transformation from pot belly to rock hard abs using proven and easy steps," notes Rachel Samuels, the brains behind

Diet2011andbeyond provides information and tips for weight loss and fitness training, focusing on proper nutrition and whole body weight training. The method suggested by the blog is simple in its approach but does require effort and dedication to make the transformation.

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