Mexico’s Largest Private Hospital Network Targets American Travelers For Mexico Medical Tourism

The San Diego- based medical travel division of Mexico’s largest private hospital family, Angeles Health International, is welcoming Americans medical travlers to Mexico for high quality, less expensive medical, surgical and dental care in its state-of-the art facilities.

Online PR News – 09-October-2009 – – CHULA VISTA, CA – Angeles Health International (AHI), the U.S.-based medical travel division of Mexico’s largest private hospital network, is encouraging U.S. patients to follow the lead of tens of thousands of Americans by traveling to neighboring Mexico for the high quality, less expensive medical, surgical and dental care options available in its technologically modern hospitals.

In recent years Mexico medical tourism has become an increasingly appealing option for Americans not only because is it less expensive, but also for the sophisticated level of care available in some of Mexico’s most convenient locales. For years, tens of thousands of Americans living near the border in cities such as Phoenix, Texarkana, San Diego and Los Angeles have found Mexico's beautiful Angeles Hospitals to be a high quality, affordable alternative to paying high out-of-pocket costs for medical care at undistinguished U.S. hospitals. Consumers are now opting to go to Mexico than be treated at some of North America’s most sophisticated medical care facilities, working with surgeons and specialists with international reputations in bariatrics, interventional cardiology, in vitro fertilization and spinal surgery.

"Medical care in Mexico is both high quality and affordable, with the added benefit of allowing patients to spend some time in a beautiful, welcoming placeduring and after their treatment. At AHI, we enable American medical travelers to receive sophisticated medical and surgical treatment from the largest private hospital family in Mexico. We offer the very best patient centric care available, at affordable prices," says Paulo Yberri, CEO of Angeles Health International.

AHI facilitates an expansive selection of medical travel trips for Americans; its hospitals are well equipped to deal with eveyr type of medical issue, including highly specialized cases. From weight loss surgery, orthopedic and spine programs, OB-GYN issues and cardiovascular programs to organ transplant, kidney dialysis, vision, dental healthcare and other general surgical issues, these Angeles hospitals provide every type of medical and surgical procedures imaginable, often at a fraction of the cost of treatments in the U.S.

Of the various surgical treatment offerings, Mexico weight loss surgery is one of the most popular procedures, with the team at Angeles Hospital Tijuana providing a truly superior experience for medical travel patients. The Hospital Angles Tijuana obesity medical team is led by internationally renowned gastroenterologist surgeon Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala, providing procedures such as LAP BAND®, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Intragastric Balloon.

The Angeles hospitals can be found at various locations across Mexico, including Tijuana, Juarez, Puebla, Guadalajara and Lomas and Pedregal in Mexico City. Each hospital offers state-of-the-art medical care to patients. Additionally, with a patient-centric mandate in place, the hospitals in the Angeles network ensure they provide patients with the best quality, personalized care available in the world. The Angeles hospital network prides itself on specializing in medical traveler health care, with patients being treated by highly skilled and trained staff.

For added convenience, AHI also offers patients full English-fluent concierge services (as well as 20 other languages), handling everything from travel arrangements, medical records transfer, consults and appointments in a comprehensive and affordable medical travel package.

"We have treated an unparalleled 4,000 American medical travelers in the past three years. We treat an average of five American patients per day in the areas of bariatric surgery, orthopedics, cardiology and organ transplant, among others and are internationally recognized for treating more Americans traveling abroad than any other hospital network in the world," concludes Yberri.

About Angeles Health International:
U.S. based Angeles Health International is the medical travel division of the largest private hospital family in Mexico. Through its Mexico medical tourism program, Angeles Health International has treated more Americans traveling abroad for medical care than any other hospital network in the world. Angeles Health International was created specifically to serve the needs of the American patients.

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