Offers Basic Tips to Making Car Insurance Claim

Explore basic information on how to make car insurance claim after accident.

Online PR News – 30-November-2010 – – Car accidents are unfortunate events that can happen to motorists at any time. With car insurance being mandatory in most states, it is essential for motorists to understand the terms and conditions of their car insurance policy and the procedures for making a claim., a leading online insurance service, recently released an article titled, ‘Tips to Making a Car Insurance Claim’, to help motorists understand their coverage so that their insurance claim is not rejected in the event of any mishap.

Alex, CEO of says, “Drivers must understand that it is essential to call up their insurance company on their hotline immediately after an accident. This is because insurance companies set a timeframe within which a policy holder must file an accident claim. It would be prudent to call up the insurance agent immediately.”

Thanks to the internet, many auto insurance providers offer online services. Most companies have an online claim submission form which is the best way to register an accident claim. Alex adds, “Many people think that threatening the insurance company works when they don’t seem to be getting anywhere with their claim. However, the right step to take is to calm down and talk things over. Hiring a lawyer is not a solution since it hampers communication between the insured and the insurer. For those whose claims are rejected, there is always the option of approaching the state insurance department.”

The article also highlights the importance of filing a police report immediately after the accident. In addition, it is essential to exchange details with the other party involved in the accident, which includes their names, address, phone number, registration number, and insurance policy number which is printed on the insurance policy card. If there are any witnesses, their details must be obtained. Alex has one last word of advice, which is not to get into the habit of making any small claims since that will only spoil a motorist’s chances of availing of any ‘no claims’ bonus.

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