Content is King for SEO, But links Outrank Content

No Pun Intended has discovered a surprisingly effective search engine strategy that appears to work.

Online PR News – 09-October-2009 – – West Islip, NY (onlineprnews) October 9, 2009

No Pun Intended a professional graphic design firm ( has put a strategy together that can help clients' websites show up on that coveted first page of a Google search. No Pun has tested this strategy with their company first and now would like to share their findings. No Pun’s strategy was built on the phrase 'professional graphic design studio.' Those are, to them, the defining words that describe what they do, and how people might look for them. Before putting this strategy to work No Pun Intended ranking was not even in the first 100 pages. As of October 7th, 2009, the firm shows up on page 1, position 10 out of 20,400,000 competing for that spot. “In using No Pun as the guinea pig, I have demonstrated the power of my concept,” says Noel Wiggins, owner of No Pun Intended.

It all starts with setting up a Google alerts program for your desired search term: theirs was 'website design.' No Pun professionals then read the articles and commented whenever the topic inspired a reaction. As a result, No Pun began to get links from these blogs to their corporate site and began to appear in search terms related to the business. As of October 7, 2009 sits in the 10th position, on page one, for the search term 'professional graphic design studio.' Noel, associates this amazing ranking result to two things. First is this comment blogging strategy; at the end of each comment he links to his website surrounding the single phrase “professional graphic design studio”. The second reason is the behind the scenes techniques No Pun does to each website design they do for their clients.

“First off I have to say I am a graphic designer, not an SEO'er. But with that said, I can design the greatest website in the world but if no one finds it then it is a waste.” says Noel.

In a day and age when advertising dollars are at a bare minimum, it is important to make sure the money is being spent on the right things. This strategy yields powerful results while keeping costs down. The only real money spent is in the web development and the background techniques. The rest is left up to how many comments you submit. “This is a proactive way I can actively market my company, I don’t just sit back and wait for web traffic to come to my website. By participating in the conversations around my service, I can actively build traffic to my site,” Noel says.

If you would like to get started on this strategy, why don’t you contact Noel today? He can 'optimize' your page and explain the strategy in more detail.

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