Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists invite young audiologists to partner with them
17 February 2017
Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists, the premier ENT specialty group that is based out of the Texas Gulf Coast have brought huge employment opportunities for young audiologists as they declare huge vacancies of jobs in Audiology department for the role of audiologists across their different locations. The recent merger between Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists and Rosewood ENT has caused the huge surge in vacancies in audiology jobs along with other verticals that are handled by the two medical facilities is what the concerned people in the industry has to say. While the merger would be completed on 1st January 2017, the merged entity has started taking adequate measures to ensure that they continue to offer seamless services to their patients. This is looked upon as one of the reasons behind the increased scope of jobs in the field of audiology in this area. As per the communication received from the public relation desk of the premier ENT specialty group they are looking for first class audiologists to take up the audiology jobs at their centers. When asked about remuneration and career progression options, the spokesperson commented that as they are looking to hire first class audiologists, pay packages and perks will certainly match the potential of the professionals who take up the jobs in the audiology department of the group. Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists has the reputation of recognizing the efforts of their professionals and promises to provide enough opportunities for the young audiologists to grow internally by fair means of promotions. As per the HR of the group, the internal vertical movements are based on a few factors like the happiness index of the patients, tenure of the audiologist as well as the professional conduct of the individual while working in the team. An audiologist who would be fairing well would not go unnoticed is what the HR spokesperson of the group had to comment on the question of career progression options that are provided by the group to its team members. The brand also has the reputation of providing adequate training and support to the team of professional working under their banner so that they are well versed with the different technological advancements in the field of ENT. This move from Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists will not only open huge employment opportunities for the young and enthusiastic audiologists, but it will be a positive thing for the locals as well. With more people taking up the role of audiologist, the locals would have ample opportunities of getting the right treatment for their hearing disorders. About Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists: Texas Ear Nose & Throat Specialists are rendered as one of the premier ENT specialty groups on the Texas Gulf Coast. With 14 locations and a dedicated team of experienced ENT specialists, the group has been catering to the various ENT needs of the locals. Contact Information: 251 Medical Center Blvd Suite 110 Webster, TX 77598 Phone: 281-338-1423 Website:- http://www.audiologyjobshouston.com