Time & Data Stamping Machine in Colorado

Amano NS - 5100 is the latest offering of Canadian Time Systems which is a quality time & data stamping machine in Colorado, US.

Online PR News – 30-November-2010 – – Keeping a track of essential documents have now become possible with the latest data stamping machine, Amano NS - 5100 of Canadian Time Systems which is a provider of quality facility management solutions in Colorado, US.

Almost every big company or organization needs to maintain the date and time on documents which are processed by the company. And the latest data & time stamping machine of Canadian Time Systems come with different useful features like:

This is a programmable electronic time stamping machine which comes with versatility including quick print of time, date, texts and numbers. It yields all needed data required by the company. Up to an 8-digit number can be easily printed on documents regarding years, months, hours and minutes.

Special features
Few special features of this data stamping machine includes printing capacity of up to six carbon copies, 91 present imprints, touch plate & automatic printing, imprint formats which can be customized in two different ways and much more.

Programmable print size feature allows one to get the printed document with the desired size. Alphanumeric printing is another special feature which allows one to get alphabets and numeric texts in the document.

Canadian Time Systems have been availing Amano NS – 5100 for indoor use of companies in Colorado, US. Its other time management products include PC- based time & attendance systems, wall clocks and much more.