The Accent Coach Announces Studies that Confirm Treatments for Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking anxiety or glossophobia as it is scientifically known, is a real condition for many people according to the Accent Coach

Online PR News – 13-February-2017 – Vero Beach, FL – public speaking anxiety or glossophobia as it is scientifically known, is a real condition for many people. According to the Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, new studies have shown that there are effective treatments to help people deal with this condition and be able to speak in front of people without the severe anxiety and fear that often accompanies this task.

New research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy programs may be beneficial and provide actual results to those who suffer from public speaking anxiety. Some of these programs include exposure in virtual reality or video-taped audiences from the internet. Medication may also assist with this kind of anxiety when given beforehand. In a clinical trial, patients were asked to give a speech to a real audience before and after a treatment using virtual reality. The results showed that every participant showed reduced stress after treatment. Prolonged exposure to speaking in front of people is also part of the program along with positive feedback after the speeches. These programs have shown positive results in tests.

For those who don't want to attend therapy or don't feel their anxiety is severe enough to warrant medical treatment, they can still benefit from professional assistance. Working with a business speech coach like Claudette Roche can help them develop the confidence they need to overcome their anxiety. Since people who suffer from public speaking anxiety tend to focus on any mistakes they make, having a professional work with them will give them added confidence. A professional speech coach can provide tips and direction to avoid mistakes and positive feedback to make them feel good about their performance.

"My job is to help people do the best they can when speaking in front of people," says Claudette Roche. This may mean working with people on accent reduction or helping them enunciate better. As they practice with a coach, their confidence increases in their ability, which can reduce their anxiety. They aren't looking for approval from the audience as strongly if they have already received positive feedback from their coach. In essence, practicing with a speech coach can provide positive results before the speech is given, which builds up the speaker and encourages them in their ability to give a good speech even before they complete the task.

Anxiety for speaking in public can happen at various degrees. Even the most eloquent speaker may get nervous before going on stage. For those with more severe anxiety, it can start days before the speech and impact them physically as well as emotionally, causing them to become sick enough to be unable to meet their obligation. For those with the most advanced case of public speaking anxiety, they may need to see a doctor or psychologist. However, for most who suffer from anxiety before giving a speech, working with a business coach can help them overcome their anxiety and provide the confidence they need to succeed at the task before them.

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