New Site Sets Out to Aid the Single Modern Man With Dating

Modern Man site equips single men with vital questions to ask on a first date

Online PR News – 28-November-2010 – – Modern Man, the company that provides men with insight into establishing and continuing successful relationships, has gone live online with its new website; According to the site’s media director, “the site promises to be a key starting point for men to gain an understanding of the female psyche.”

“We understand that a lot of guys who are just really getting out into the dating world for the first, or even second time (after a long hiatus) may not have all the right moves and quit honestly; may not be that well-versed on how to talk to women, adds the director. “Our goal has always been to even the playing field for men and give them the tools that they need to be a success. Most men that we provided coaching to initially were very weak in their opening lines, and were simply clueless when it came to asking the right first date questions - those all-important little bits of information that give definition and direction on where a first date is headed; towards a one-nighter or long-term relations.”

“Our research and monitoring of various social settings showed us early on that there were key indicators that were commonly missed or misinterpreted by men. The average guy doesn’t pick up the subtle messages that women send; assuming that they are obvious, but in reality, very mysterious to the man. We help guys by breaking down these complex ‘algorithms’ into language that men can understand. We take the mystery out of the equation for them.”

The Modern Man website was established as a direct connection for the millions of men who seek the voice of experienced relationship professionals when it comes to dating. The site offers professional insight and a common sense forum for discussion and male education.

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The Modern Man is recognized as a world leader in dating advice for men. They have been teaching their natural method for picking up women since 2005.

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