Listing Your Business in 'GenieKnows' Offers A Great Opportunity to Promote Business

Adding your business to the GenieKnows local search engine with friendly embedded mapping Feature will enable you to aggressively promote your business when launching your local listing campaign, according to, the best local search engine.

Online PR News – 17-January-2009 – – CANADA, January 2009 - “It is always a challenging task to market a local business. You have to compete with larger companies, companies who have been in the business for many years, and with other people who will do anything to obtain a client’s business." "You need to stand apart from the others, demonstrate what your business can offer clients, and how you are different. Serving locally can be your advantage over these large companies that serve globally and the local search engines come in handy here. Adding your business to GenieKnows local search engine will attract many local customers online” says the professionals of GenieKnows

He added that “Once you start acting local, you will have to develop an effective interactive marketing strategy to direct your move. The basis of local search is determining the search engines that will be targeted." "Google and Yahoo! control about 75% of online search traffic, so there is not much more to say/think about here. Just start optimizing your ads for these search engines." "If your website essentially promotes a particular bricks & mortar business in a pre-defined region then you need to focus on a SEO campaign that leverages local search of the major search engines." "Similarly if your web-business services only a particular locality/area, you need to optimize for that locality/area. Even if your long term goal is to build an international business, focusing on current local search needs does not compromise on your long term brand viability. If your primary business is to service the Australian market, registering your domain as a .au makes perfect sense. However if your long term goal is to have a global business it is better to go for a .com domain name as well – ideally the same business domain name.”

Speaking on the move, the professionals said, “If you are primarily focused on one town, your keywords should include the town name with the appropriate suffix or prefix that can accurately identify that particular town." "One of the simplest means of boosting your local search results is by including your town name in your site’s title tags. The town name should have the relevant identifiers to help search engines accurately map their searchers’ local web-content needs. Often there are more than one similar sounding town names.”

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