Enhance Safety with Security Awareness Courses from Information-Security.com

This press release is to inform the readers that they can enhance safety with security awareness courses from Information-Security.com.

Online PR News – 28-November-2010 – – Recently many companies have expressed their need for real-world, hands-on security training. This is considered essentially important as companies usually do not trust third parties with sensitive information. They have always felt the need for security resources that they can use to their benefit. But due to lack of awareness and not many resources available for security training they could not fulfil their desires.

Information-Security.com is one such company that understood the need for information security and offered security awareness courses that could be undertaken by anyone. These courses are designed to enhance one’s knowledge on security so that they can fully comprehend their needs without relying on anyone.

Offensive security offers training live in a lab environment that simulates a real business network with every flavor and style of operating system. The trainees will also find a very hands-on approach to training that allows them to delve deeper and thoroughly understand all the aspects of training. Offensive Security has been offering some of the most advanced and realistic classes in penetration testing, exploit writing, web application attacking, wireless auditing and general penetration testing.

Penetration testing with BackTrack is an online training course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to get acquainted with the world of Offensive Security. This will introduce trainees to the latest hacking tools and techniques in the field. BackTrack Wifu is designed for penetration testers and security enthusiasts who need to learn to implement various active and passive Wireless (802.11 2.4 GHz) attacks. Cracking the Perimeter is designed for seasoned, hardcore security professionals who need to take their skills to the next level. Advanced Windows Exploitation, this course covers topics such as gghunters, NX bypassing Techniques, Function Pointer Overwrites, Heap Spraying, Writing Immunity Plugins, Venetian Shellcode Encoding and custom shellcode creation. This is one of the most difficult courses and only those who have a keen understanding of exploit development should go for this course.

By taking these security awareness courses you can seriously manage all the security aspects of your company. To find out more about how to avail best information security training courses online through a reliable source, please log on to www.information-security.com