Q:CHARGE Europe AG broadens shareholders´ group

Berlin/London, 27th November 2010:
On November 17th, 2010, Herax Partners LLP (“Herax”), London have signed for five per cent of the share capital of Q:CHARGE Europe AG.

Online PR News – 28-November-2010 – – Herax is an owner-led investment banking boutique. An essential part of the Herax corporate philosophy is to promote young enterprises and entrepreneurs in disruptive growth markets on a long-term basis with personal committment and assets.

Sven Peter, partner of Herax, comments on the commitment with Q:CHARGE: “We have been watching the market for electric vehicles for a long time now and have come to the conviction that this market will trigger a paradigm change in the mobility supply chain. Q:CHARGE has a business model which provides consumers and businesses with electric vehicle charging. The operating platform is cognizantly open and thus complements the existing business models on the market. These are more often than not, closed electric vehicle networks that are created by cities, communities or corporate. Service providers and consumers now have an ideal interface with Q:CHARGE. It fully matches with their charging requirements. The business model of Q:CHARGE shows considerable value potential. We hold the conviction that Marcus Schmitt as Chief Executive Officer of Q:CHARGE Europe AG will succeed in raising this potential – on the grounds of his vast experience developing new businesses. The successful investment history of estag Capital AG has also strengthened our decision to join the shareholders´ group of Q:CHARGE.”

As a seed investor of Q:CHARGE, the Herax team comes with substantial experience in business segments such as Fund Advisory, Corporate Governance and Capital Markets and will put this knowledge at Q:CHARGE´s disposal. Herax is a strong partner. Its team is highly experienced with upcoming businesses, especially so with regards to the technology branch and the renewable energies sector.

estag Capital AG comes from a similar background. “As seed investor, estag has been assisting Q:CHARGE from incorporation and has fostered the development of Q:CHARGE in highly pro-active ways”, says Marcus Schmitt. “Now I´m pleased with the fact that Sven Peter and his team support us with our ambitious aims.”

Jörg Duske, Business Developer of estag Capital AG, finds his sensitivity for markets confirmed by the latest business successes. “The commitments with Solarvalue, Coloumb Technology and 365 Energy AG were profitable and give us a base for assessing trend-setting ventures. We have been searching for the best team and concept for ages. It took us a long while to find a concept that maps the market opportunities of the electric vehicles and adheres to coherence. Marcus Schmitt has succeeded in delivering these components. It is for this reason that we believe in having hit the right formula for success once again with Q:CHARGE. I also find that we have established ourselves as a player to be reckoned with in a highly dynamic market.”

Based on the positive response of the seed investors, Marcus Schmitt is confident for the future: “Both estag Capital AG and Herax have already proven that it is possible to enter new markets on equal footing with big competitors, to develop successful business models and to generate attractive returns on investments with know-how, the force of innovation and the bundling of professional competence. We are curious to find out where the development of Q:CHARGE will lead us. We recently set up Q:CHARGE UK with headquarters in London. The management-team is already put in place for this key market. Sven Peter also works in the British capital.”

Q:CHARGE Europe AG, 27th November 2010 – print at no charge –
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