The Healing Power of Salvia Divinorum

The use of Salvia Divinorum is growing, along with interest in the plant's therapeutic potential. Indeed, various research conducted on Salvia Divinorum confirm the potential medical properties of this miraculous herb. Hence its use as a therapeutic herb is expected to grow, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 17-April-2009 – – April 2009 - It has to be noted that there are more than 1000 species of Salvia known to exist. Of all the species, only Salvia Divinorum is known to possess mind altering properties, and this has made it an attractive target of scientific research. Multiple research studies are currently ongoing on the potential therapeutic properties of Salvia Divinorum and its chemical constituents. Today, Salvia Divinorum is thought to be a strong candidate for developing medicinal drugs for a variety of serious diseases. While at present, Salvia Divinorum is considered by some to be a mere recreational herb, its mind altering properties used to relive stress and experience physical pleasure, the medicinal value of this herb was well known by the Mazatec Indians of southern Mexico for centuries.

Speaking about the various medical properties of Salvia Divinorum, one researcher we contacted replied that, “In the Mazatec tradition, many people used Salvia Divinorum for the treatment of rheumatism, anemia and headache. Medical experts say that proper understanding of the active chemical compounds in Salvia Divinorum may lead to a cure to life threatening diseases like AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, etc.""To the added advantage, research indicates that Salvia Divinorum may be very effective in the treatment against stress, schizophrenia and depression. In addition, the active compounds in Salvia Divinorum have been found to be non addictive, and non-toxic. ""In fact, there is a strong possibility that Salvia Divinorum may be used to wean people off addictive drugs, and to break the negative cycles of alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, etc. Most people advocating for the banning of this herb are not aware of the potential benefits of Salvia Divinorum.”

While studies are ongoing, it appears clear that there exists a basis for utilizing the therapeautic benefits of Salvia Divinorum. Thomas Prisinzano, who is an assistant Professor of medicinal and natural products chemistry confirms that "Salvia Divinorum, when used along with other compounds, may one day cure Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain and even AIDS or HIV.” Such positive responses from the scientific community indicate that Salvia Divinorum is a miraculous medical herb that requires intense further study. With growing attention from lawmakers, however, it is a race against time to prove the therapeutic potential of this herb before its sale is restricted or banned.

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