Cervical Traction Device Is Used By Hollywood Celebrity

ChiSoft neck traction has received publicity from Chiropractors to Hollywood TV Producers since the last 5 years. ChiSoft neck traction from ChiActivate.com is now shown in the drama TV series the Whole Truth on ABC TV. Before, it was used by television producer Brian K. Roberts of Da Kink In My Hair

Online PR News – 28-November-2010 – – Blaine, Washington (onlineprnews ) November 27, 2010 - ChiSoft Neck Traction device at ChiActivate.com has lately been receiving great publicity from numerous famous places; including being presented on ABC TV show the Whole Truth. On August 31st, 2010, The ChiSoft Neck Traction device has even been acquired and used by George Edman from Warner Brothers. The ChiSoft neck traction device will be shown in episode 54 of the TV drama Whole Truth.

ChiSoft neck traction device from ChiActivate.com is not first time receiving publicity in from Hollywood. On july 12, 2008, television producer Brian K. Roberts, of “Da Kink In My Hair” fame, who has also personally used this pain-relieving device, is another notable patron of ChiActivate.

In a personal testimonial released recently by Brian Roberts, he calls himself “...a television director that had a spinal laminectomy eight years ago, and the ChiSoft neck traction product is the only product on the market that has brought me lasting relief. I am on my feet fourteen hours a day and using this product twice a day has allowed me to continue an active and productive working and personal life."

A growing numbers of chiropractors are utilizing the ChiSoft Neck Traction device (http://www.chiactivate.com/products/neckmassagers/necktraction.shtml), as well as recommending them to their patients. Tennessee chiropractor Dr. Josh Renkins suggests just how effective the device can be: "I have had wonderful success in treating patients with cervical disk disorders. The ChiSoft neck traction has proven to be very instrumental in the success my patients and I have realized. Patients love it! They find it is easy to use, very practical, and it works! I enthusiastically recommend the ChiSoft for neck traction!"

ChiSoft Neck Traction devices have been publicly praised by multiple chiropractors and practitioners of physical therapy and medicine. The North Carolina director of CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine, Jeff Hill, has released a statement saying that “over the last four months our clinic has had the opportunity to allow our patients to try the ChiSoft Neck Traction. We have received great feedback on the ease of use, immediate relief of muscle tension/neck pain, and convenience. The device enhances our current therapy program and allows patients to continue to benefit post-rehab. Thanks for allowing us to further benefit our patients' rehabilitation needs."

ChiActivate is lucky to be one of the few companies who have found great success during an economic downturn. In fact, according to the company's product manager, ChiActivate is having to stock more product than ever just to keep up with the demand. Busy workers and students from every corner of the world are keeping a steady stream of orders flowing for the ChiSoft Neck Traction system in order to try its effects for themselves. Luckily, ChiActivate has enjoyed enough success to keep up with the growing demands for quite a while.

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