Shmoop! (There it Is.) Introducing Shmoop Music. Shmoop Will Make You a Better Lover of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and... Led Zeppelin.

Shmoop, a digital textbook publisher, introduces Shmoop Music, its eighth subject area. Shmoop's writers, primarily Ph.D. students from top universities, including Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley, analyze the lyrics, music, back stories, and historical connections behind your favorite songs. Shmoop Music includes a "Listen and Learn" player - a mash-up of RealNetworks Rhapsody streaming music, Yahoo! Media Player, and Shmoop's original commentary - that allows fans to listen to the full-length song with "pop-up" commentary and lyrical analysis.

Online PR News – 09-October-2009 – – Mountain View, CA, October 8, 2009 – Shmoop ( an award-winning publisher of digital textbooks, introduces Shmoop Music, its eighth subject area. The same great website that compared 19th century literature to Gossip Girl and called Emily Dickinson a packrat takes on Smells Like Teen Spirit.

“Shmoop Music helps fans discover what makes their favorite hook so catchy or those lyrics so deep,” said Ellen Siminoff, CEO of Shmoop. “Shmoop also encourages teachers and students to use Shmoop Music in English and History classes. Smart teachers use music as a springboard to history, society, and literary analysis. What better way to assuage student fears about poetry than to begin with an analysis of Bob Marley’s lyrics?”

Why Shmoop Music Rocks

• Listen and Learn – listen to full-length songs streamed via Rhapsody and Yahoo! Media Player, mashed-up with commentary from Shmoop

• Get Smarter. Better. Faster. – uncover the juicy stories behind the song, crack the hidden meanings in the lyrics, discover connections between literature, history, and great tunes

• Find Your Inner Music Connoisseur – learn about melodies, instrumentation, and composition; find sheet music and tablature

• Tunes from Every Part of the Dial – expand your range. Bob Dylan. Velvet Underground. Radiohead. Kanye. Regina Spektor. (Don’t see your favorite? Shmoop takes requests.)

About Shmoop
Shmoop's digital textbooks make literature, US history, poetry, civics, biographies, and, now, music more fun and relevant by showing you how much these subjects have to do with your world. Shmoop writers are primarily from Ph.D. programs at top American universities, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Harvard. Shmoop was giddy to be an Official Honoree in the 2009 Webby Awards and to be named "Best of the Internet" by PC Magazine. Shmoop’s CEO has been known to dance on stage at Bon Jovi concerts.