MoreRFID Is Recruiting Plastic Smart card Distributors for its Growing Global Market

MoreRFID Technologies Ltd., the leading manufacturer and supplier of RFID & NFC smart cards, is recruiting distributors across the globe.

Online PR News – 08-February-2017 – Xiamen – MoreRFID Technologies Ltd., the leading manufacturer and supplier of RFID & NFC smart cards, is recruiting distributors across the globe. This recruitment process shall begin from February, 06 2017 and it will continue for the next six months.

MoreRFID aims to create a long-term relationship with its smart card distributors where they can sell MoreRFID-branded products or uniquely branded products (OEM partnership). This will be a B2B partnership where MoreRFID team will work closely with distributors to help them grown their business.

This will be part of the largest distribution network in the global smart card market. The distributors will choose any of the MoreRFID products they wish are suitable for clients.

With the MoreRFID products, distributors will have unlimited opportunities for most companies are integrating technology in the manufacturing and distribution processes.

Some of the key market opportunities for the RFID and NFC hardware include:

-Livestock identification
-Automotive control and applications
-Supply chain management
-Sports timing
-Access control
-Asset management, etc.

The use of RFID or NFC is a budding technology that will provide limitless opportunities for the new distributors in the market.

As one of the leading companies in this industry, MoreRFID provides a line of products. They are available in both standard and custom made designs.

MoreRFID distributors can also choose from smart cards, plastic cards, metal cards, smart key fobs, RFID wristbands, RFID tags, RFID inlays and RFID readers among other products.

This range of product portfolio will make plastic smart card distributors remain competitive irrespective of the level of competition and dynamisms in the global market.

All interested businesses and entrepreneurs for the position of plastic smart card distributors should submit their applications through the MoreRFID’s official website contact section or via the official email address below.

To apply for the position of plastic smart card distributors, applicants should demonstrate the following key values:

-Reliable and dependable customer experience since they will work as an extension of MoreRFID business.

-Prove their operational experience (MoreRFID may offer some training).

-Complies with all laws and regulations; the company should show legal existence and certified copies of tax compliance.

-Demonstrate a better marketing skills; this should include a solid understanding of smart card products, familiar with the local market, provide clear strategic plans and can adapt to dynamic market conditions.

-Those applying to distribute more products alongside smart cards must have a diverse portfolio.

-Attach certified copies of financial records

The MoreRFID product distributors will benefit from cost competitive prices, flexible payment schedule, fast turnaround, strict QC process, safe products that meet ISO standards, etc.
MoreRFID has neither hired a company to do the recruitment on their behalf nor requires as a company to pay any fee during the application process.

All MoreRFID distributors will have a flexible payment schedule depending on their minimum amount of orders, experience and financial capability.

About MoreRFID

MoreRFID Technologies Ltd, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of both standard and custom made smart cards. Since 2008, the company has invested in a product line such as smart cards, plastic cards, metal cards, tags, inlays, readers, wristbands, etc.

It guarantees 100% and year warranty for all its products that conform to the ISO standards.
MoreRFID has invested in a wide range of technologies such as NFC, RFID, chip, IC, barcode and magnetic technologies. It provides OEM, ODM and CM services.

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