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eBay Buyer Blacklist to help eBay sellers to fend off dishonest and unethical buyers.

Online PR News – 27-November-2010 – – The eBay Buyer Blacklist (EBB, hereafter) in an attempt to bring "market place democracy" to the eBay market place, provides a place for eBay sellers to leave feedback on their buyers, and tell their sides of stories. The site collects seller complaints and the problem buyers' ID's as an "eBay Buyer Blacklist." Sellers can use the blacklist by adding it to their eBay "blocked bidders" list. This will prevent the bidders from bidding on their listings and avoid possible hassle from potentially problematic buyers.

In a democratic legal system, both the accused and the accuser are entitled to their sides of stories. One is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubts. Why should it be any different in a market place?

The main difference in a market place dispute and a regular court judgment is that the former involves mostly a small amount of transaction (particularly compared to legal proceeding fees). It is often economically reasonable to settle the small dispute between the two parties. In an online market place such as eBay, the market place itself is automatically involved as the third party. eBay, as the third party has the ultimate power to make the judgment. However, eBay has conflict of interests when it comes to "justice." Obviously, eBay wants to patronize buyers as much as they can. In a desperate attempt to please buyers, they came up with the new feedback system which took away sellers' rights to leave negative feedback on buyers. The problem is that eBay, over the years, has built its reputation as a place where you can get deals for everything. Some buyers get so pampered that they become unreasonable and sometimes unethical.

One common attitude an eBay seller can adopt is of course to swallow the loss (in both money and reputation). Financially, this can become increasingly difficult for smaller sellers. So what can the smaller sellers do to protect themselves from these bad buyers?

The approach should be a collective efforts from eBay sellers who can:
1, contribute their own stories by using the "Submit My Story" link,
2, search a buyer by ID, to see if there is any existing complaints,
3, to get a collective buyers' ID list to add to their block list.

The existence of website can also send a warning message to unreasonable eBay buyers: if you are unreasonable, you are going to hit walls with a sign "you are not welcome here."

EBB has been working hard to bring helpful information to eBay sellers including gathering and distributing list of bad eBay buyers, as well as offering tips on dropshipping.

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