MagnaMap White Boards Help Co-ordinate Hiker Rescue

Wall sized Magnatag steel printed MagnaMap white boards were key in organizing the rescue of a hiker in a remote area of a nearby National Park. The whiteboard helped the local sheriffs office to see an overall picture of the search area. The white board also helped rescuers keep track of the first responders in the search area.~MagnaMap white boards played a key role in the rescue of a lost hiker. The wall size whiteboard helped in planning, tacking and displaying information relation to the operation. With Magnatag's custom white board, authorities were able to completely organize all efforts.~County Sheriffs use MagnaMap white boards to help organize a rescue effort for a lost hiker. With the whiteboard, first responders could see an overall picture of the search area. The giant magnetic steel printed white board also helped in keeping track of all of the rescuers.


Macedon, NY- March 26, 2009- A county sheriff gets a call that a hiker is missing in a remote section of a nearby National Park. He quickly mobilizes a team of professional and volunteer emergency first responders, and begins the search effort. In the past, he and his search and rescue teams had relied on pocket maps to plan and co-ordinate their searches, which limited them in seeing the overall picture. That changed when they acquired a wall size Magnatag magnetic steel printed MagnaMap white boards.

“Now we can see the whole county and visualize the roads,” the Sheriff says. “Sometimes we have two incidents going on at the same time, and our giant MagnaMap [whiteboard] really helps to keep track of everybody’s location.”

Local, state, and federal agencies and bureaus are using a MagnaMaps white boards for planning, tracking, and displaying the locations and deployment of equipment and people. In today’s world, large maps with functional plotting tools are becoming more and more prevalent in the movement of government assets. A MagnaMaps whiteboard from Magnatag Visible Systems is fully equipped with color magnet symbols, charting tapes, LED magnet lights, and dry-erase pens, to assist in this important task.

Rescue efforts like those of the county sheriff stand a better chance of success when the search is coordinated and visually displayed with a magnetic steel wall map. The precise location of people and equipment, when highlighted on a MagnaMap printed steel wall map, can mean the difference between success and failure in the deadly serious business of search and rescue.