Administrators Create and Display their Master Schedules with MAGNATAG

School administrators, teachers, and office personnel know that creating workable magnetic calendars for a school requires specialized tools. A planning calendar can be used to organize a whole school year. Office personnel also know the advantages of using planning calendars to help them keep track of deadlines.~Magnetic calendars have been a big help to school administrators. Using a planning calendar allows them to plan a master schedule. Teachers and office personnel have also reaped the benefits of well organized planning calendars.~By using magnetic calendars, school administrators have successfully been able to plan schedules for entire school years. A planning calendar by Magnatag has the versatility to meet all the needs of any office. Mangatag has revolutionized planning calendars by developing the Same-Day-9-period Master Class Scheduling Whiteboard system designed to be used in schools.

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School Administrators Organize and Display Their Master Class Schedules

Administrators Create and Display their Master Schedules with
MAGNATAG® Printed Steel Whiteboard Planning Kits and Magnetic Calendars

Macedon, NY – March, 2009 – School administrators, teachers, and office personnel know that creating a workable master planning calendar for a school requires specialized tools. Between tracking classrooms, teachers, subjects, students, and class periods, a typical schedule can contain thousands of elements. Precise scheduling can take hours, or more often, days to complete, magnetic calendars make a big difference.

To make the task easier, Magnatag Visible Systems has worked with teachers and administrators to develop the Same-Day 9-period Master Class Scheduling Whiteboard System. These magnetic calendars use color coded magnetic card holders arranged on the printed magnetic whiteboard making it easy to locate, identify and group classes by department, grade level and period.

“The Magnatag system makes it so much simpler and concise to see where your scheduling conflicts are by looking across the board,” said a registrar at a Kentucky High School. “The task of getting all (classes) built into our master schedule is made much more understandable and manageable with the easy usage of the Magnatag system board.”

“So much better than trying to do it on a computer,’’ said a schedule coordinator at a Rochester, NY high school. “The master schedule is hard enough as it is. With the board it is easier to see all your options. It saves us hours and hours.”

“We are pleased that our board systems have made a difference in thousands of schools over the years and we thank them for helping us create this scheduling system.” said Magnatag President and Founder Wally A. Krapf. “They help make a complex task easier.”

Planning Calendars are available in 4 sizes for up to 172 teachers and or classrooms. Prices range from $419 to $1,239 for complete systems. Master Scheduling systems include everything needed to operate them: magnetic cardholders and card inserts, each in 10 colors, give up to 100 possible magnet color combinations to instantly locate, identify and visually group departments, grades, class sizes, courses or your own special color-coded items.

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