Workplace Safety Posters By The Poster Faktory, Australia

Workplace safety posters not only provide an extra tool that promotes safety but it also offers a visible reminder to employees of different job hazards. Health and safety posters help in developing constructive relationships amongst co-workers, preventing accidents and establishing and highly safe work environment. Poster Faktory, Australia works to provide posters covering different issues to a number of organizations in Australia. Their posters are designed with a motive of making people stop and think about safety, health and environment.

Online PR News – 26-November-2010 – – Workplace safety is an extremely serious concern and there is a need to be aware of all safety concerns for all manufacturing companies in Australia and elsewhere. Workplace Safety Posters help in identifying key areas of concern in order to help employees meet their safety needs.

An unsafe work environment will not only affect the health of employees, it will also affect the productivity of the company. Moreover, unsafe work environment can also increase a company's cost due to downtime and increase in insurance and damage of equipment. Therefore, maintaining a safe environment should be a priority for every workplace.

Poster Faktory manufactures and supplies posters of all types to different organizations and businesses across Australia. These posters cover almost all safety issues. Special anodized and front-loading frames are strategically positioned across the desired site or office in order to ensure that the posters convey the most effective message across the workplace. Not only are these posters designed to make workers and other people think about workplace safety issues, they also help in minimizing costly injuries and workplace violence.

The Poster Faktory has more than 2000 posters of different designs available. These posters cover a wide range of issues. Customers are allowed to choose the poster design from the catalog, hence saving their time in designing a new one. The messages on posters are regularly updated.

Customers can also become part of their cost-effective and unique exchange program which has many benefits. This program allows customers to change the posters frequently so that messages are continually reinforced and they always remain fresh as well as effective.
By taking part in poster exchange program, OH&S issues can be easily based and themed on different sites and regions. Flexibility to change posters and themes at short notice is also possible by participating in this exchange program.

Moreover, customers get access to more than 2000 industry relevant high impact posters and free design service so that the posters can be custom designed. These services help in reminding employees about zero tolerance policies towards workplace violence and workplace drug abuse. These posters help a great deal in propagating instructions about fire extinguisher operations and emergency services.

Whether you need manual handling posters, fire safety posters, food handling posters, or regular health and safety posters, you can easily get them custom designed from The Poster Faktory. You can also get banners, special signage, pop-up banners, stands and poster hangers manufactured to any size and volume.

The company regularly tries to improve and update its libraries so that it can suit different industry needs. Also if you have any idea for workplace safety posters, you can get them designed, printed and laminated free of charge. The Poster Faktory Australia has designed a broad range of posters for different organizations.

Poster Faktory Australia designs workplace safety posters, manual handling posters, fire safety posters , health and safety posters and many more in such a great way that makes people stop and think about health, safety and the environment.


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