PanaMoney Technologies Introduces Automated Forex Trading

PanaMoney Technologies has released a new automated Forex trading system that virtually guarantees investors will turn a profit on every investment that they make. This system will not require the investor to do anything with his or her account, as the experience account managers will take care of everything.

Online PR News – 09-October-2009 – – October 6, 2009 - In today's economy, it can be difficult to find profitable places to invest, which is why PanaMoney Technologies has developed an automated Forex trading program for investors.

This program was developed with the purpose of helping investors to make the right decisions in the Forex market and this new strategy has definitely turned the investment world upside down. The Foreign Exchange market has been extremely tricky in recent years, since so many economies have both crashed and bounced back and this software is meant to alleviate some of the risks that are involved with this process.

PanaMoney claims that this automated Forex trading comes with no risk whatsoever, since a team of Foreign Exchange experts will be helping your account along the way. They are also very quick to point out that you will have access to all of your account's transactions in real time, so nothing will go on behind your back.

Those who have used this system already claim that you can make an investment as low as $30 USD and still make a nice return using automated Forex trading. They have also claimed that there are no additional fees after this initial investment and that a Safety Fund is in place to prevent people from losing money on their investments.

If all goes according to plan, PanaMoney hopes to change the way that people invest in foreign currencies, as the automated Forex trading system will put things on autopilot for investors all over the globe. Giving these investors the chance to invest their money and then collect the profits will surely attract new customers, but PanaMoney is determined not to rest on its previous accomplishments.

The Forex market involves investing in foreign currencies and turning a regular profit due to solid knowledge of international economies and currencies. This can be a high risk venture, so always proceed with caution unless you are experienced in these matters.

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About PanaMoney:
PanaMoney Technologies is a licensed Forex company that is located in Panama City, Panama. Everything that this company deals with is involved in the Forex market, as they trade currencies and mange accounts out of their Panama offices. The account managers have a great deal of experience and the company is proud to boast a solid track record in the Forex trade industry. The company's new automated Forex trading system has created quite a buzz around the industry and looks to be revolutionary because of how easy it makes things for investors.