Lean Marketing House ebook released on Business901 Website

Lean Marketing is the Future of Marketing says the author.

Online PR News – 26-November-2010 – – Fort Wayne, IN - November 25, 2010 -- Released as an ebook, Lean Marketing House is now available on the Business901 website. "When you first hear the terms Lean and Value Stream most of our minds think about manufacturing processes and waste. Putting the words marketing behind both of them is neither creative nor effective. But the future of marketing may be closely related more to these terms than you may first think. Whether Marketing meets Lean under this name or another it will be very close to the Lean methodologies developed in software primarily under the Agile connotation," says author Joe Dager.

Dager also adds, "This book is about bridging that gap. It may not bring all the pieces in place, but it is a starting point for creating true iterative marketing cycles based on Lean principles and more importantly Customer Value. It scares many. It is not about being in a cozy facility or going to Gemba on the factory floor. It is about starting with collaboration with your customer and not ending there. It is about creating Sales Teams that are made up of different departments not other sales people. It is about using PDCA and A3s. It is simply about being Lean."

The book uses the symbolic Lean House to symbolize the five basic principles of Lean:
1. Identify Value (Roof)
2. Map Value Stream (Header)
3. Create Flow (Value Stream – Pillars)
4. Establish Pull (Foundation)
5. Seek Perfection (Base)

In addition to these five sections, the book also includes a section on Lean Tools and Tips for the marketing process. The book consist of 112 pages and over 40,000 words. The book is the first in the series of the Marketing with Lean Program: This series consist of the five individual products.
1. Lean Marketing House
2. Driving Market Share
3. Value Stream Marketing
4. Using A3 in Marketing
5. Marketing your Black Belt

Business901 provides direction in areas such as Lean Six Sigma Marketing and Achieving Expert Status. Business901 has designed their services and product offerings so that they are implementable systems that work in the real, not enough time, not enough people world we operate in. We provide tools that simplify the marketing process, not complicate it. Joe Dager is President of Business901 and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. If you visit the Business901.com website, you can download the Value Stream Marketing eBook.

Contact :
Joseph T. Dager
Lean Sigma Marketing
Achieving Expert Status
Fort Wayne, IN