Exclusive piano playing system teaches New Age music online

New Age Music Becomes Popular Again

Online PR News – 26-November-2010 – – Thousands of people worldwide listen to New Age music and many have often wished they could create their own. That dream can now become a reality with Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music.

Online piano lessons are the brainchild of pianist and composer, Edward Weiss, who has been teaching students to play piano in the New Age style for over 15 years. He now works with private students, gives group lessons and offers his expertise online. Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music is the only system of its kind currently available and is recommended by Grammy nominated pianist, David Lanz. The system offers online piano lessons in the New Age style. The system represents a revolutionary approach to learning to play the piano and a distinct departure from traditional methods.

“You make sense of piano notes the same way you make sense of the guitar – by learning chords,” said Weiss. “But not just any chord. Not the triad, even though most music teachers start you off learning this basic chord structure. A great way to learn and understand keyboard harmony is to learn something called the open position chord.”

The chord structure uses both hands to create a modern sound immediately. Once users learn the six basic chords in the key of C Major, they begin to see that music is made of chords and melody, and that it doesn’t require more than learning a few basic chords to get started creating their own music. Weiss also introduces students to Paiku, an art form that is a short piano improvisation of two minutes or less that requires no more than three chords. Weiss walks students through lessons step-by-step to ensure success.

Weiss teaches students to play a variety of New Age melodies in the course, and gives students the tools and techniques needed to create their own beautiful New Age piano music. Users will quickly find themselves playing the piano the way they’ve always dreamed, with flowing, creative pieces that are a joy to hear. Weiss even offers a free piano lesson, “Summer Morning,” to get users started. Students will also receive a free 342-page book, “Free to be Creative at the Piano.” The book is also available at Amazon.com in hardcover for $11.08

Students eager to get started can sign up for the system online for just $19 and take a full month to use it. If they’re happy with it, they can continue their lessons on a monthly basis. Those who wish to cancel can do so and owe nothing more. Those who sign up now will receive 100 New Age piano lessons and his free workbook, “New Age Piano Made Easy.” Weiss walks students through the piano playing process with instruction that’s easy to understand and apply.

New Age music is a genre that’s conducive to relaxation, healing and relieving stress. Weiss has developed a system that’s a cost effective way to learn to play piano. It doesn’t require expensive music instructors and lessons, and enables students to play without years of practice. Lessons are available anytime it’s most convenient for students, eliminating the need to schedule their lives around specific times.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.quiescencemusic.com.