Horse Supplements Manufacture Smooth Run Equine Announces a Discount on All Equine Supplements

Smooth Run Equine has announced a sale on all horse products. The 10% Off special pricing applies to all products.

Online PR News – 09-October-2009 – – Smooth Run Equine products are high quality, supplement formulas that supply optimal ingredients to aid in digestion and absorption of necessary nutrients. Our products contain only the finest of all natural ingredients and contain no fillers, chemicals or artificial ingredients. Smooth Run formulas are combined in one easy container that takes the guesswork out of supplementing and prove to also be the most affordable supplement available.

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Research and ingredients:
Smooth Run Equine offers a variety of products for every nutritional need your horse has. Along with the joint support products we offer a ‘Breathe Smooth’ formula that contains a healing blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, colostrum and herbs to relieve symptoms of allergies, hives and airborne irritants.
Our ‘Gastro Smooth’ utilizes technology that helps balance the ph of the horse’s stomach thus supporting the gastrointestinal tract. Again, the main ingredient being microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and colostrum.
Our ‘Smooth Mare’ addresses the special needs of mares, ‘Garlic Blend’ helps naturally repel flies and other insects and our K-9 formula uses a natural proprietary blend to enhance the health of our canine friends. We carry several other products that also contain ‘state of the art’ blends that have been researched and developed based on findings from the latest research and test results. Our formulator, Dr. Wu who has devoted his career to researching ingredients to improve the health of many animals continuously provides us with cutting edge information and approaches to better health, stamina and comfort for our horses.

Who is Smooth Run Equine?
Smooth Run Equine is a small force of women who are dedicated to improve the health and success of horses everywhere, from top competitive barrel racers to the beloved back yard family friend. The company was started by a woman and has been run by women since 2001. All of us have spent many years searching for that special something to keep a horse sound and healthy to compete in the tough sports like reining, reined cow horse, barrel racing, cutting, racing and endurance.

Smooth Run Equine formulas evolved from our desire to improve on our own horse’s health and well being. We were introduced to Pure Bovine Colostrum through a gifted microbiologist, Dr. Wu of Cenzone Tech, who holds a list of accomplishments in Animal Sciences, microbiology and animal research. Building the formulas with colostrum as a foundation Dr. Wu implemented microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and various other key ingredients. This approach proved to be a winning combination.

To find out more about our products and our company visit us at There you can find product ingredients, testimonials, detailed information on each product, local distributors, online ordering processing and much more. We can also be reached at our toll free number 888-711-6218 with any questions.