Botox Helps To Beat the Credit Crunch Blues

Botox, dermal fillers and other facial therapies are helping to take people’s minds off the credit crunch and are making people feel confident, energized and motivated, comments DermaSkin Clinic’s Dr. Sid Gautam, a leading Botox and cosmetic medicine provider.

Online PR News – 16-April-2009 – – Cardiff, April 2009 – “Botox and dermal fillers are fast becoming popular ways for people to receive a quick boost to their self-confidence and ego. With the credit crunch and recessionary downturn in the economy, people in general are feeling down. The mood of the nation has taken a pounding.” Says Dr. Sid Gautam of

He added that, “Botox facial treatments usually take a few days to fully show, but their deeper effects can be dramatic. In fact, we had one patient who had recently been made redundant after Woolworths closed down, and felt that her job prospects would be better if she had a course of facial rejuvenation. After having a course of botox and filler treatments, she felt energised. In fact, she called me a few weeks later to tell me she had received a job offer from a beauty salon." (

Speaking on the findings, Dr. Sid Gautam said, "Botox injections are very safe in the right hands and I have been pleasantly surprised at how they can affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing." (

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