Uradginny launches a website for profitable online selling and buying.

Uradginny launches a website where sellers and buyers both now are benefited by selling their products online. sellers can increase their profit margin while buyers buy at a lower price.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – The website -- http://www.bestebazaar.com --- a profitable online selling and buying destination

what is unique -- seller posts an Item for sale with a selling price.
Buyers buy the item at a price lower than that selling price.
Sellers get a price higher than that selling price.
sellers gain and buyers gain -- this is unique concept which is not yet existing in any auction website. Thus could be the future of the online auctions.

How the website works -
Bestebazaar.com offers a scratch auction platform for sellers to sell their items. Buyer must scratch to see the current price. Each time a Member scratches the auction the item price is lowered. Once scratched, member has a certain period of time, to decide whether he wants to buy the item for that price or not. The auction ends when a member buys the item.

Difference between other websites and bestebazaar.com -

Other websites --- bidster.com, dubli.com has a scratch auction mechanism but they do not have the sellers posting items for sale. Here all the items for sale are posted by the websites.

Then there are many penny auction websites, highest bid websites and lowest bid websites like which charge a bid cost from the buyer. But all such website the items are posted for sale by the websites and not by online sellers. Also the price increases with each bid till the timer is zero.
Also in all such websites there is always a luck factor since the buying decision is dependent on some counter / timer. Thus the buyer is not incontrol of his purchasing decision.

For other auction websites like ebay, ebid, online auction, they are either “buy now” or bid for higher value. Here the seller lists the items for sale, however the online sellers are subject to the below common charges..

1. Final value fees @ 4%
2. Payment gateway fees (for receiving money) @ 4%.

Thus the margins received from selling the item is reduced due to these charges.

In bestebazaar.com the Buyer scratches to view the current price, and he can then decide if he wants to buy the item or not. He has full control on his buying decision and is not dependent on any luck / chance / any count down.

How do sellers make more profit selling on bestebazaar.com?
At bestebazaar.com the only fees the seller has to pay is the final value fees. In bestebazaar.com you get more than your start price, which partially / fully negates the final value fees and the payment gateway fees (for receiving money). Thus the net value the seller gets is much closer to your start price resulting in more profit form sales.

Thus selling at bestebazaar.com the seller makes more profit than any other auction website.

How can the sellers use this website?
The Sellers can list their items for sale, and promote this listing through their facebook / twitter page. Thus by attracting their buyers to their bestebazaar.com listing they are increasing their chances of earning more profit. More the seller sells thru bestebazaar.com, more will be the profit for the seller.

What are the fees ?
The fees at bestebazaar.com are only the final value fees for the sellers
Listing the items for sale is free.