Herbal Eye now stock LSA and are giving away FREE LSA - Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds

At Herbal Eye we now stock LSA seeds, you can claim a free pack of 10 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds worth £7.99. You may see Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds available on sites for up to £7.99 for 10 seeds. We normally sell a pack of 10 seeds for £2.99, but are giving them away for FREE, no purchase necessary

Online PR News – 26-November-2010 – – LSA seeds now available at HerbalEye.co.uk

We are giving away 10 FREE Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds worth £7.99 to every visitor on their site.

Herbaleye Offer

You may see Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds available on sites for up to £7.99 for 10 seeds. We normally sell a pack of 10 seeds for £2.99, but are giving them away for FREE, no purchase necessary

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Note: All products are supplied not for human consumption, this information
is only provided as an aid to research into the historical use of these

Background information on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

LSA is a potent euphoriant, hallucinogen and stimulant

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose causes a psychedelic & hallucinogenic perception of reality. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose enhances conscious and subconscious feelings.

Argyreia nervosa originally comes from Indonesia and Sri Lanka and has ayurvedic applications since ancient times. Was also used as a replacement for cannabis and as an aphrodisiac. Nowadays Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is mainly used for its psychedelic properties, due to the active substance LSA.

Effects and course of the experience of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:

The first effects can be noticed within 15 to 120 minutes. The effects can be compared with LSD, although the trip and the visual effects will be much milder. The trip will cause a sort of dreamlike state, characterized by a feeling of mental emptiness, combined with a feeling of understanding how the world works and a feeling of connection with other people. Thoughts are moving quickly and you can get hurled from one to another pleasant memory. Distortion of time can occur. Some effects are comparable with alcohol; a silly, joyful feeling can be felt and an unsteady walk and slurry speech may occur. Visual effects like bright colored patterns, beautifully colored visions with a mystical character may be seen. The tiredness which will increase during the trip, will result in a deep and often peaceful sleep. Depending upon the dosage, the effects will last for 6 to 10 hours.

Our baby woodrose seeds are already removed from the pods.

Information on the TRADITIONAL PREPARATION and Dose of Baby Woodrose Seeds:

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose: The dosage to start with is 1-4 seeds, a normal dosage is 4-8 seeds. The maximum dosage is 13-14 seeds.

How Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds have been prepared:

Grind the desirable amount of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds to a fine powder. Mix the powder with cold water. Leave this covered for a minimum of 12 hours. After 12 hours the active substance, LSA, will bind to water. Filter the liquid through a paper coffee filter. Drink the cold extract.
Other preparation and extraction methods for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be found on the internet. One other method is simple to chew the seeds, however reports show a water extration to be more beneficial.

It is important that the seeds are removed from the pods before use, but most seeds already come this way. You'll also notice a fungus-like coating on them, which should be scraped or burnt off before further preparation. It is recommended to scrape off as much as possible and then gently burn off the rest, as the seed's hull can be thick and it would be easy to end up charring the whole seed into a solid chunk of carbon if you hold it to the
flame too long.

Herbal Eye are giving you 10 seeds for free. To receive your free Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds there is no purchase necessary, you only have to pay the postage & packing. Free samples are limited to 1 per person at Herbaleye.co.uk