Get your Software Programming done by Chatting

Arrivu takes speech recognition to a higher level.

Online PR News – 26-November-2010 – – Atlanta, GA, November 25, 2010 -- Computer text recognition is a novel concept that converts text to knowledge and it’s been researched in the universities for many years. But have you heard of a "text recognition" application development tool? Yes apparently it’s now possible to develop software programs by just chatting to your computer in plain English.

Delaware based Arrivu Technologies ( ) has developed an advanced text-to-knowledge text processing platform called Arrivu, which makes software programming possible via chat sessions. The tool is not just about quick and efficient coding but the highlight is you don’t need any computer programming skills. "English language-specific Arrivu has endless possibility," claims Stephen Mallik, the founder of Arrivu Technologies ( ) and the brain behind Arrivu. "It’s amazing, imagine letting a computer know what you want and it automatically builds it for you."

Arrivu basically lets a user chat with the computer to build Software Applications like order management, resource management and inventory management to name a few. Arrivu uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve this. Applications built using Arrivu are not static applications that does only what we build it to do. Since data is converted to knowledge by the Arrivu processor, ( ) the application can automatically re-organize the display instantaneously, based on the user inputs. Arrivu brings in tremendous visibility to the upper management by way of dashboard and charts from application data and non-application data sources such as emails and documents. Arrivu ( ) has built in business intelligence, which is a feature not available in any other platform. Arrivu completely changes the way software is built and used. Arrivu is a game changer.

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