Robert Lauri's New Album, New Face, Blends Music And Movie Together As One

Obsession, Will Be The Opening Soundtrack For The Movie "The Last Gunfight"

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – Robert Lauri is always creating and producing new material. He never ceases to amaze us with his musical creativity. Each track is a key that opens the door to a different world. Above all, this artist has an endless ability for innovation and improvisation. He creates his music the same way he breathes.

Lauri's album New Face has been released for download from the main download sites. With each one of the 16 tracks on his album, the artist takes his audience on a musical journey, where they can experience a wealth of different cultures through his unique ability to blend many different harmonies and influences.

With his new song, Caravan, Robert Lauri takes it yet another step further and introduces us to other harmonies as an extension of the New Face album. We can even say that he adds a touch of "gold" - the gold he has in his fingers when he composes music for our subliminal pleasure, appealing to our emotions and our imagination. He takes us on a journey through different countries where the Andalusian, Oriental and Exotic influences all join together in unity. We are fascinated by this new, mesmerizing and harmonious ambiance.

Robert Lauri knows how to compose a melody and can switch from one genre to another effortlessly with the same mastery and skill in harmony and musical arrangements.

The richness and diversity of his creative musical and melodic forces will leave us speechless, as we all sit on the edge of our seats in anticipation of Robert Lauri's music, while wondering, "What will he present to us this week?"

Apart from his new album and single, Lauri also creates music for movies. His music, Obsession, will be the opening soundtrack for the movie "The Last Gunfight" (scheduled for release in 2011), a historic epic Western.

The exceptional images captured in his videos have been created by Anna Clara Passarelli, a talented Italian artist. Video and dance have been her passion ever since she was very young. Even as a child, Anna was attracted to graphics and the arts in general, so she followed this path. She is also a dance teacher and has had her own dance school, "Save the last dance", in Foggia, Italy for more than twenty years. Anna develops the video clips while listening to the music with headphones on, choosing the images that best match the emotions she feels from the music. The visual result shows the intensity of the musical composition by Robert Lauri, in perfect harmony.

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