Smart spending with SmartCPA

SmartCPA is a unique technology based on an auto-optimized algorithm aiming to save money and get more conversions

Online PR News – 27-January-2017 – Prague, Czech Republic – In the mid December the advertising network Clickadu launched a nice tool to increase conversions and save money.
What is so smart about SmartCPA by Clickadu?
SmartCPA is a unique technology based on an auto-optimized algorithm. SmartCPA is powered with an advanced learning mechanism and automatically matches CPA offers to users interested in such content, helping the advertiser to reach more relevant audience and get as many conversions as possible. In some cases this pricing model is rather cost-effective because you pay for conversions only.
How to use SmartCPA?
The advertiser can choose the SmartCPA pricing model after completing the registration form. To start a SmartCPA campaign, you should first set up conversion tracking (Voluum, AdsBridge, etc.). Then you create a campaign which has to be approved by Clickadu’s Policy Team. Note that a CPA campaign goes through the test before its launch in order to check if it’s effective with the targeting you’ve chosen. If everything is okay, you will see the stats in your dashboard. Smart spending also means that if there are not enough conversions during the test your campaign will be stopped by the system to prevent you from losing money.
How to set up a conversion price?
You can choose a conversion price for each geo separately. We recommend setting 70-80% of your CPA network’s payout at the beginning. This will speed up the process of finding the most relevant traffic sources. Let’s see the example: your CPA network’s payout is $3.00, then the best choice for the conversion price should be around $2.50.
How to target a SmartCPA campaign?

You can choose between a simple and advanced targeting modes. In the simple mode you can target by device type and OS type, while in the advanced mode there are more options: OS device type, OS version, mobile ISP, browser, user’s language, proxy and not proxy. You can also include or exclude ad zones if you have already collected some white or black lists.

If you want to optimize your SmartCPA campaign properly and target it correctly you may ask for support from Clickadu Team at