Announcing the First Two Honorees for the 2017 Asian Hall of Fame

The first two honorees in the Asian Hall of Fame Class of 2017 have been named. They are Daniel Dae Kim and Duy-Loan Le.

Online PR News – 26-January-2017 – SEATTLE, Washington – On May 13, 2017, the Robert Chinn Foundation will induct a new class of honorees in the 2017 Asian Hall of Fame at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

The Asian Hall of Fame is a national recognition event for Asian Pacific Americans, celebrating culture and achievement. The first two honorees in the Class of 2017 include Daniel Dae Kim (Actor, Hawaii Five-0 and Lost) and Duy-Loan Le (Engineer, Texas Instruments Senior Fellow, Holds 24 Patents).

The Asian Hall of Fame was first held in 2004 with 22 honorees inducted in previous installments.

Comments from Daniel Dae Kim and Duy-Loan Le, the first honorees named to the Class of 2017:

On what it means to be honored in the 2017 Asian Hall of Fame:

“It’s meaningful because Asian Americans who are trying to look beyond themselves to make a positive impact on our society as a whole deserve a place to be recognized. I am honored to be considered part of that group.” – Daniel Dae Kim

“When I received the news of the recognition, I told my sons about it. Their response was quite casually indifferent. Two days later, I asked them, ‘Are you not proud that Mumsy will get this recognition?’ They said, ‘Of course, we are! But you have received so many recognitions. This is just one more to add to the collection!’ I told them, ‘No, this is different as it is specifically the Asian Hall of Fame. I am the first engineer to be inducted!’ I guess for me being recognized by my own heritage group always carries a special meaning. The closest analogy I can think of is: My American friends and colleagues can compliment me, and I feel great. But when my own people recognize me, I feel extra delighted, because I have been able to make them proud. This is a feeling that is really hard to explain.” – Duy-Loan Le

On why the Asian Hall of Fame is important for Asian Pacific Americans:

“It’s important because we as a demographic are often considered the Silent Minority. The Hall of Fame helps counteract that perception by shining a light on our hard-earned achievements.” – Daniel Dae Kim

“The Asian Hall of Fame is important to Asian Pacific Americans from a few angles. First, it provides a source of recognition that people might not get in mainstream America. Second, it highlights the accomplishments of this group to serve as a source of inspiration for future generations from the same heritage. Third, it preserves a collective legacy that can help to remind others of our contribution to America and the world.” – Duy-Loan Le

On the way that their heritage has impacted their lives and achievements:

“My heritage has informed every part of my life and career, both for better and for worse. It’s an essential part of what motivates me to succeed.” – Daniel Dae Kim

“By any stretch of the imagination, I am neither very smart nor uniquely talented. I arrived here countryless, homeless, fatherless, penniless, and speechless (with an inability to comprehend the language). The pride in my heritage enables me to achieve more than otherwise possible. Because of that pride, I execute everything with utmost dedication and commitment to achieve excellence professionally and beyond. Because of that pride, I am motivated to give back so that others can have the same opportunity to excel even more than I can. Because of that pride, I work with intense focus, relentless effort, and faithful optimism to raise my boys as Vietnamese and as American in one body, mind, and heart. In other words, the pride in my heritage is what gives me strength, clarity, and principles to live three lives – professional, philanthropic, and personal – in parallel.” – Duy-Loan Le

The Robert Chinn Foundation is a 501(c)3 community organization created in the memory of Robert Chinn, who founded the first Asian-owned bank in the Pacific Northwest.