Crystal World Holdings Inc. and The NSEI Present The World's First Sports Stock Market

Crystal World Holdings and The New Sports Economy Institute Combine Finance and Sports To Bring Sports Fans The Greatest Fan Engagement Product of All-Time

Online PR News – 25-January-2017 – New York, New York – Giving the public a place to invest in the performance of their favorite sports teams is what Crystal World Holdings and The New Sports Economy institute have accomplished by combining 'finance and sports' to give you The World's First Sports Stock Market.

Fact is when you think about 'sports and money' your brain quickly reverts to 'sports betting', which isn't necessarily a wrong way of thinking; it is just how we have been conditioned to think. Sports fans that like to bet do so because of their love of speculating with their money on the sports they watch (or don't watch) all for a quick fix.

If these same fans were aware of the availability of a 'sports stock market' they would find themselves being able to aim for a longer term return that gives them the same 'quick fix' every time the team(s) they own shares in win. Some may reform themselves from gambling, others may very well use a sports stock market as a way to hedge their bets but the major point is that the social benefits from a regulated sports stock market could help aid some of the social problems gambling causes.

As an educational tool, a sports stock market sits alone on top of the pile of fun ways to learn finance. When you combine a passion with learning, people retain more and therefore are more capable of using the skills or knowledge they have just attained. There is power in learning and with financial illiteracy a real thing, products that help fight the illiteracy in people when it comes to finance are products that help people better prepare for the challenges life presents us financially.

The financial instruments that can be created from this type of market are endless. One such instrument, a 'Sports Risk Index' which is essentially an S&P 500 for sports teams, has received an approved patent in China as well as having patents pending in 154 other nations around the world. With a handful of other companies having spent over $100 million in investment funds trying to come up with a way to mix finance with sports, there is quite obviously a thirst to make this seemingly impossible marriage work.

With these companies not being able to accomplish what ASM started, it is quite obvious that after 15 years of blood, sweat and tears there is only ONE formula that works. All of the money in the world couldn’t come up with a better way as when the dust settled the one left standing was the first one to break the seal: The AllSportsMarket.

The New Sports Economy Institute, ASM's parent company, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of transforming society through sports. ASM operates under a royalty-free license from Crystal World Holdings, Inc.