Anika Technologies specializes in Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Anika Technologies is a technology consulting Start-Up founded in 2016. It is based out of Pune(Head Office) and Bangalore.

Online PR News – 26-January-2017 – Pune – Anika Technologies is a Pune based start-up which specializes in services for Investment Banking, IT, Internet and Technology companies. They have some niche offerings in Training’s, Consulting and Development. They provide high end training’s that can increase employee’s productivity by more than 200%. With some consulting services which are worth billions for companies, they can bring about technology transformations for their clients. Companies can have a competitive edge with Anika’s technology consulting and training services.
Some of their niche topics are Low Latency Design and Architecture, JVM Tuning , Java Concurrency and Performance, Big Data Technologies, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics. Companies like Credit Suisse, Edelweiss, Progress Software to name a few are their clients who have been using their services and have given very good reviews. They recently have done Tech Talks on Low latency Design and Architecture for Senior Engineers, Technology Officers, Architects etc of top companies like HSBC, EMC, Wells Fargo and have requests from a lot more companies. The reviews of these Introductory Seminar’s(TechTalk’s) have been exceptional and they are keen on getting training’s and consulting services for the same.
Anika Technologies focuses on tuning, designing and building robust applications for their clients using various technologies as per the need of the client. Apart from Big Data, Analytics and AI technologies they also do a revolutionary topic of Ultra Low Latency Designing and Architectures for high frequency trading in Banks, Logistics, IT, Internet and Technology companies which deal in high amounts of data. These being some of their niche they cater to all trending and emerging technologies.
Their services are of high value for companies which can help them drive technology transformations with process improvements, increase in productivity, reducing costs and increasing revenues. Companies looking at having a competitive edge over other companies can reach out to us for our expert services.
About Anika Technologies
Anika Technologies is a technology consulting Start-Up founded in 2016. It is based out of Pune(Head Office) and Bangalore. They have been providing cutting edge technology solutions to small and big companies.
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